Hi loves!

My name is Kirsten Zellers and I am a 24 year old.

I am not exactly sure what to write here so if you are reading this you can ask me a question in the comments and I will answer :)



For business inquiries, email kirstenzellers@savvycomm.co – for personal inquiries, email me at kokayblog@gmail.com

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  • Erika Vargas Mejia

    I love your blog, you have great style! looking forward to keep reading more from you;)
    Greetings from California!


    • Kirsten

      Aww Erika you are so sweet! Thank you lovely! xx

    • http://www.kokay.me Kirsten

      Thank you so much Erika! You are the sweetest! XO

  • Makena

    Hi! I just found your blog and it is super cute! I hope this isn’t rude but do you wear extensions? I’ve just been looking for some for a while and your hair is gorgeous so I thought I’d ask!

    • http://www.kokay.me Kirsten

      Aww thank you Makena! I got extensions about two months ago and I LOVE them!! I use 24 inch Luxy extensions and they make a ton of difference with the thickness and even the length of my hair. Hope this helps! xx

      • Makena

        I’ve actually looked into Luxy. Did they give you them to promote or did you buy them on your own? I’ve just heard if a blogger is given them they can be higher quality than what the general public buys. Thanks for your help!

        • http://www.kokay.me Kirsten

          Oh my gosh, I’ve never heard that! They gifted them to me but I really doubt that they would do that. Everyone I’ve talked to there is super sweet and helpful so I would just shoot them an email and ask any questions you have before you order! XO

      • Ashley Chapman

        How did you get the extensions to match your hair so perfectly? Love it

        • http://www.kokay.me Kirsten

          I just toned them the same way I do my hair! They are light enough that you don’t have to bleach them or anything! XO

          • http://www.jessicadueck.com/ Jessica Dueck

            I would love to know how you toned your hair please :D

          • http://www.kokay.me Kirsten

            Hi Jessica! I use Wella color charm toner in t18 and put it on my hair after it is bleached to the lightest I can get it! Hope this helps! XO

          • http://www.jessicadueck.com/ Jessica Dueck

            Thanks for the quick reply! I did that a few weeks ago and it turned green

          • http://www.kokay.me Kirsten

            Oh no! Green?! The longer mine is on the greyer it turns. I do whatever it says on the back, I think it is one part toner to two parts 20 vol developer!

          • http://www.jessicadueck.com/ Jessica Dueck

            I dont understand that part thing. Is One full toner bottle a part one? And then doble the amounth of developer? Thank you for your time

          • http://www.kokay.me Kirsten

            Yeah exactly! Depending on how much you need based on how much hair you have :)

          • http://www.jessicadueck.com/ Jessica Dueck

            Awesome, thank you! Now I know what I did wrong

  • Maria Boychuk

    hi Kirsten) maybe it’s rude to ask you this question but i’ll still do it. I want to create my own blog about life in general, travels, fashion. Would u be kind and tell me where did u created your account and what should I do as the begginer) Thank you!

  • Sabine Lutzenberger

    hello Kirsten, for over three years now I have desired to make my hair silver. when I realized that I wanted to truly commit to silver/platinum hair, I started the research entirely unaware of the vast varity of this particular color job. eventualy I took a break on the research becaue I truly had no idea on how to achieve the presice color- aka starlight platinum. it was not too long ago I discovered your blog here through a tutorial of yours on pinterest. PLEASE!! can you tell me how you have gotten your hair just like you have? you’re the last person I can go to to figure out how to achieve this theroughly unique and captivating color. sorry that I have poor English…. happy holidays and greetings from Germany.

  • amanda cortez

    Hello Kirsten I was gonna do a Khaleesi Halloween outfit this year and I was wondering where you got yours for the Khaleesi inspired twist tutorial?

    • Kirsten

      Ek I wish I knew! It is super old so I’m not sure where it is from but I always think you can pull together a Khaleesi look if you just wear earthy tones (or your birthday suit…) XO :)

  • Anto Emme

    Hi, Kirsten, my daughter is desperately seeking the glasses you can see in the picture I enclose. Can you help me find them? I see you are tagged in the picture. Thanks in advanceif you can help me and compliments for your blog: I work in adv and I really like it https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ccb19df583e3aae548cfb4b1bce8315d6f538f9336e008cf1dddc605b3b57b20.jpg

    • Kirsten

      Hi! Thanks so much for the comment – the glasses are from asos (https://goo.gl/eVaH1f). Hope this helps!! :)

  • kristy Alexandria♡✂︎

    I’ve been dying to know the exact formula to your metallic blue hair that Linh Phan use on your hair !!! ♡

    • Kirsten

      EK I totally wish that I knew!! :( I think he posts some of his formulas on his insta though!