Nine ways to wear a headscarf tutorial


And an extra video post this week? Who am I?! I have been wanting to do this one for a while because I love learning new ways to wear headscarfs! And I was originally going to do ten different ways, but my camera cut out before the last one (one of my favorites!…..) and I didn’t realize it so I didn’t refilm it :( but as Charlie assured me, NINE IS FINE :) So here are nine of my new favorite ways to wear a headscarf!

Which is your favorite? I am especially fond of the first top knot (because it is so easy) and the bows!

My gorgeous leopard headscarf is from the fall collection for I Wear the Headress and I am dying for everything in it!

Also, the song Dream Love that I used in this video is by the amazingly talented Megan Joy (who I have been obsessed with for years!). So you guys absolutely need to check her out too (instagram and youtube)!

Hope you guys liked this little extra treat and TGIF!

XO, k

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Nine ways to wear a head scarf

DIY coffee filter wall hanging

diy coffee filter wall hanging tutorial

This week’s tutorial is something totally different: a home decor DIY!! I was planning on making a new background for my youtube videos and thought of this and decided it would be nice to do a tutorial for it since it is so so easy but a really cute decoration! I love using branches for decoration (as seen here) and you know I love love love white, so this was perfect for me! The texture of the coffee filters are so good too. I am just in love!

What kind of decor do you like to diy? I always love getting new inspiration for my home (aka our little apartment) and freshening things up :)

XO, k

DIY Kimono

DIY Kimono tutorial DIY Kimono tutorial DIY Kimono tutorial DIY Kimono tutorial DIY Kimono tutorial


What can I say about kimonos that isn’t good.. They can be light and airy or fun and floral, but no matter what they are so comfy and make an outfit feel special. I decided that I would take a stab at making my own, and I am so happy I did! Now I just need to go pick up more fabric to make like ten more for summer! I think it would be super cute to make a shorter one and put tassels on the bottom or a border. Anyway you do it though, it was so so easy and will take you thirty minutes tops to do this. And even quicker if you use a non-fraying fabric like jersey!

I paired it with these jeans that I have basically bleached and ripped the crap out of and I am sooo happy I did! And this necklace.. Do you guys have pieces that are special to you and you wear when you need to be brave or strong. I have a ring that my Grandma gave me that I always wear when I know I need to me courageous, and I think this necklace might become my second piece like that. I got it from Fay With Love and I just love how each piece has a really lovely message behind it. This necklace is made of quartz, which is said to have energetic properties and I think, what a better way to feel balanced  and strong than to have a gorgeous piece of jewelry around your neck to remind you.

Okay enough sappy stuff.. On to the tutorial!

diy kimono tutorial

 1. Cut or use a piece of fabric that is 45 in. in width to 80 in. in length. The longer the fabric, the longer the kimono + the wider the fabric, the longer the sleeves. I used an old tablecloth so I had lots of fabric to work with (and if you find clean ones at thrift stores they are usually are tons cheaper than fabric). Cut half of the way up the middle of the fabric. This will be your front opening.

2. Hem this opening (if your fabric frays). Fold in half with right sides together + sew the sides of the kimono, leaving about ten inches at the top for your armhole.

3. Hem the bottom of the kimono (if your fabric frays).

Now if the warm weather would just catch up with my growing summer wardrobe! ;)

XO, k

DIY Garment Rack Tutorial

DIY Garment Rack Tutorial DIY Garment Rack Tutorial DIY Garment Rack Tutorial DIY Garment Rack Tutorial DIY Garment Rack Tutorial DIY Garment Rack Tutorial DIY Garment Rack Tutorial


Today’s tutorial is simple but one of my favorite (and most functional) pieces in our apartment! Anyone with a love of shopping knows that closet space is always a hot commodity, so with a garment rack you can display some of your favorite pieces or use it for coats and boots like I did. I think once spring comes, which I am hoping is like next week, I will transition it! Without further ado:


Piece of wood for bottom

Four casters

Two pipes for the sides of your rack and one for the top (I used 3/4″ x 60″ iron pipe)

One pipe for the top of your rack (I used 3/4″ x 36″)

Two floor flanges in whatever width you choose

Two elbows in whatever width you choose


Attach the elbows to the top bar and the the sides to the bottom of the elbows.

Drill with screws the flanges into the bottom piece of wood.

Drill the casters onto the bottom of your piece of wood!

And that is it! Mine is very sturdy and believe me, right now I have about twenty heavy winter coats hanging off of it so I am pushing it to its limits! Hope you enjoyed!

XO, k

DIY rope and driftwood teacup holder

DIY rope and driftwood teacup holder tutorial DIY rope and driftwood teacup holder tutorial DIY rope and driftwood teacup holder tutorial DIY rope and driftwood teacup holder tutorial DIY rope and driftwood teacup holder tutorial DIY rope and driftwood teacup holder tutorial DIY rope and driftwood teacup holder tutorial


After being in our apartment for awhile now, I thought it was only appropriate that I start to show you some of our decor and how to make it yourself! If anyone knows me, I love to go shopping and say “I think I could make this..”. Sometimes it never actually happens but when we need a certain piece of furniture etc. I am all about it. In fact, the majority of our furniture is DIY! I am lucky enough that Charlie loves using his tools and being my handy man because I don’t know if I would particularly trust my clumsy self to handle a saw..

I went to school in Rhode Island and lived literally less than half a mile from the beach. I am such a beach bum and loved going there and just walking the beach, even in the winter all bundled up! While I was living there, I found this piece of drift wood that I couldn’t bear to leave.. Yes, I am that kind of scavenger that could be borderline hoarder.. You never know when you are going to need something! Anyways, when we moved in here we had the perfect idea for how to use it and it turned out to be a super simple project that is actually one of my all time favorite things!

Materials: Piece of driftwood, rope, large hooks for ceiling, small screws for teacups

Plans: Cut the piece of wood to the desired length. Decide where you want the piece of wood to fall on your wall and measure that distance. Cut two pieces of rope with that measurement + a foot or two

Make a slip knot around the drift wood with both pieces of rope and another double knot around the ceiling hooks. Take the piece of wood out of the slip knots and put to the side.

Screw the large hooks into the ceiling, making sure to measure how far apart you want them on the piece of wood. You may need those drywall screw holder things (you know what I’m talking about right?) just to make sure it is in there really securely

Screw in your small hooks to the bottom of the wood.

Slide the piece of wood back into the slip knots and hang your teacups!

Hope you enjoyed!

XO, k