Advent Calendar Unboxing!



It’s finally socially acceptable for me to start talking about Christmas! Well, to tell you the truth, I put up my Christmas tree and decorated the apartment a few weeks ago… But now I won’t get so many weird looks for it! I got these two advent calendars from Look Fantastic and was so excited to open them – I don’t know if advent calendars have always been popular in the United States because I never remember seeing them in stores when I was younger, but after years of watching soooo many British youtubers open up their advent calendars, I finally did too! I opened up all of the days in the video above for both the Skin Store and Look Fantastic calendars and was shocked at how many quality products you get. Like actually stuff I will use and maybe definitely already have…

I can report back that I am obsessed with my Foreo – I got the mini Foreo in the 12th box of the Skin Store calendar (retails for $99 but has $350 worth of product in it) and took it out right away and have been using it ever since! It made my skin feel so soft even after the first use and hasn’t been too rough for my sensitive skin (which has happened with other exfoliating brushes). I also packed a bunch of the face and hand moisturizers when I was traveling for Thanksgiving and was soo thankful I did. My skin felt so chapped after being on multiple planes….

The Look Fantastic calendar ($115 with over $350 worth of products) has 25 boxes with a mixture of makeup, skincare, and hair products – opening each one was like a little Christmasy treat. I also loved that there were a mixture of full and travel size items so that I can take them with me when I visit my fam for the holidays!

Now that I am feeling significantly spoiled I don’t think I can ever leave the dark side.. Guess I have to get advent calendars every year now!



My Healthy Hair Tips


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Long time no talk! Well….. I’M BACK! Since we’ve talked last, I’ve moved to a different state, had a (fur) baby, and dyed my hair a few different hair colors (purple, blue, grey!). I can’t wait to get back in the swing of things :)

When wanted to partner up, I knew this would be the perfect post to jumpstart blogging again as it is my most requested and asked about topic – HAIRCARE! While I haven’t actually dyed my hair since January, I have been doing all of these tips and tricks to keep my hair feeling healthy and vibrant.


Radiance ShampooColor Extend Conditioner | Kerastase Mask | Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Primer | Brass Off Cream | KeratinOil Cream

All of these products are available at! Look Fantastic is Europe’s number one seller of beauty and hair products and has taken the US by storm! They have over 450 brands hair, make up, and skin care :)

1. How often to wash your hair: I only wash my hair ONCE a week – every seven days (I promise I shower in between..). This helps to both use your scalps natural oils to moisturize your hair AND prolong the life of your color in between salon sessions.

2. Shampoo & Conditioner: if your hair is color treated – like mine… – make sure that you are using a shampoo and conditioner meant for damaged hair. They make such a difference in the strength and shine of your hair.

3. Use masks!: I use a hair mask pretty much every time I wash my hair. They help to add moisture back into my hair and make if soft and subtle. I love this Kerastase mask – you can add the purple mix to it to keep your hair looking extra cool and not brassy – but the actual mask is amazing. I have used it multiple times now and I can tell a difference when I don’t use it – my hair feels much drier, especially after a few days.

4. Coconut oil: I try to use coconut oil on the ends of my hair at night a couple times a week, but always the night before I wash my hair to add a little extra moisture back into the ends. When you bleach or dye your hair, the damaged ends need all the moisture they can get so they don’t break.

5. Regular trims: I am a little hypocritical on this one because for years I was holding on to the scraggly few inches at the bottom of my hair.. Well! This summer I had my mom trim about five inches off of my hair and it has never felt healthier! Since doing that, my hair feels like it has grown even faster and with soooo much more volume. This is really important to do, even if you only take an inch of!

6. Try to avoid heat as much as possible: I usually let my hair air dry, but sometimes I don’t plan my entire schedule around washing my hair and I NEED to blow dry it. When I do use heat on my hair I always use a heat protectant to help protect my hair from getting damaged even further

7. Heatless hairstyles: BRAIDS BRAIDS BRAIDS! This is one of the reasons why I love braids! They are such a cute style without having to use ANY heat on your hair. Also, how cute are the waves you get when you take braids out?! I used to beg my mom and sisters to put my hair in two dutch braids before bed when I was little so I would wake up with pretty waves the next day!

Hope you guys liked these little tips and tricks – of course there are so many, so let me know in the comments if there is anything you have found that helps your hair stay healthy!

Talk to you guys again soon xo


Three Four and Five Strand Braids Tutorial

Three strand braid tutorial Four strand braid tutorial Five Strand Braid Tutorial

Three four and five strand braids tutorial


A three-fer?! I wanted to do a tutorial on just a three strand braid, but figured I would throw in the four and five stranders too! They do get more complicated but just try to think of it as only the outside two strands moving and doing a lot of over unders (anyone want to count how many times I say over or under?……)

Three strand: 0:25
Four strand: 1:12
Five strand: 2:50

Hope you like it! XO

Crazy curls tutorial

Curly hair tutorial Crazy curl tutorial


Here is what I do if I want REALLY curly hair – the best part is that because I wash my hair every 5 days the curls last until I wash it again! In my humble opinion, you can curl your hair whichever way you please as long as you are using a small curling wand and take pretty small pieces, but the magic happens when you pull the curls apart. I literally could do it for thirty minutes and still want to keep running my hands through it! With any curl I do I think running your fingers through the curls make them look wayyy more natural – and this one we want to have even more volume than just a beachy wave so don’t be afraid to whip your  hair back and forth (maybe even brush it…. EK my mom used to tell us to do that when we curled our hair and I made fun of her for it… It might work for this one though!) and really tease it up at the roots.

Hope you guys enjoyed :)


Braided Ponytail Tutorial

Braided Ponytail Tutorial Braided Ponytail Tutorial Braided Ponytail Tutorial


Hey loves! Here is a braided ponytail tutorial that is such a cute spring/summer style! I would totally wear this to festivals where I don’t want my hair to be down and in my face – now I just need to get myself to a festival ;)

1 . Do a deep side part. Take a small piece of hair from near hairline and start doing a dutch braid – crossing the left outside piece under the middle piece and then the right piece under the middle.

2 . Next time you cross the left piece under add a piece of hair from the rest of your hair to it, making it a french braid. Because this style is kinda like a mohawk (although I did mine slightly to the side) you are only going to want to add hair that is on the top of your head – I did from my temples back to the crown of my head.

3 . Once you get to the crown, stop adding pieces and just do a regular dutch braid (outsides under the middle) until you get about 3/4 to all the way down your hair.

4 . Secure the braid with a small clear (or black if you have dark hair) elastic and pull the braid apart so it makes it appear thicker. When I pull apart the top pieces that are obviously much thinner to begin with I rub my fingers on it to tease it a little and make it look thicker :)

5 . Pull all of your hair up into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Wrap a small piece of hair from your ponytail around the elastic to hide it and then secure the piece with a bobby pin.

6 . Scrunch up your ponytail to add some volume near the elastic, pull out any face framing pieces that you like, and pull apart any pieces from the braid that have lost thickness.

That is it! I think this would look super cute with short hair too – just start with smaller pieces at the beginning and don’t pull the braid apart as much!

Hope you like it :)

XO, k