White lace

Summery white lace dressSummery white lace dressSummery white lace dressSummery white lace dressSummery white lace dressSummery white lace dressSummery white lace dress 


I don’t know if you guys have noticed but recently I have been drawn to all white everything. Maybe it is because of my hair, but I just loooove the clean and simple way that white clothes look especially in summer when you have a nice fresh tan and you’re feeling good about yourself ;) I made a promise to myself that I was going to try to wear more sunscreen this year so I have started using self tanner after my go to beauty guru Cara from Maskcara suggested this Tanwise one… I am still getting the hang of it (like getting the middle of my back.. seriously I thought I had long arms but gosh darn it, that stubborn spot in the middle of my back just wants to stay pale!) but I actually love the results! And I am sure my skin will thank me in a few years. Or at least I hope so!

Anyways, now that I am a shade darker I am dying over white lace that lets my tan peak through. If you are as into this dress as me, you can get 25% off anything at Flourish Boutique with code “kokay”!

XO, k


  • Hayley Larue

    I love Flourish boutique! I worked with them not too long ago and I LOVED everything they had to offer <3 Your dress looks so perfect with your hair.


    • http://www.kokay.me Kirsten

      Thank you beautiful! They really do have the cutest dresses! I am obsessed with this one :) XO

  • http://www.janekhodos.com/ Jane Khodos

    This dress perfectly suits you babe! You are perfect!

    xx Jane

    • http://www.kokay.me Kirsten

      Thanks lovely xx