Braid & Messy Bun Tutorial

Braid into a messy bun tutorial Braid into a messy bun tutorial Braid into messy bun tutorial

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HI! This is such an easy one – literally takes less than two minutes – but so messy and perfect! I think the key is to pull apart the braid like crazy so it looks way thick (it will be the end of the world the day I say not to do this.. but it is extra important on this style because it looks cooler when the braid fills up the entire side of your head!)

So watch the video above or read the instructions below to do it yourself!

1. Part your hair on the side. Set aside the front face framing piece of hair, and then take about a three inch wide section and start doing a dutch braid – splitting it into three sections and crossing the left piece under the middle, then the right piece under the middle.

2. Start incorporating hair from about a three inch section down the side of your head into the pieces when you cross them under, making it a dutch french braid style. When you get to around your ear stop adding hair and continue doing the braid down the rest of your hair. Secure it with an elastic.

3. Pull the braid apart like crazy to make it as thick as possible. If it is slipping out you could try using some dry shampoo before you braid it or hairspray afterwards :)

4. Secure the rest of your hair into a messy bun and then wrap the braid around the elastic and incorporate it into the bun with another elastic! Pull out any face framing pieces and you are donezo!


My Haircare Routine!

My haircare routine | Kirsten Zellers My haircare routine | Kirsten Zellers



I finally filmed my haircare routine!! This chatty video just tells a few of the products that I use to keep my hair the shade I want and as healthy looking as possible! Here is a quick rundown of what I said in the video, just in case you are in a public place and don’t have headphones handy ;)

Washing my hair: I only wash my hair every 4 or 5 days*! Sometimes this shocks people and it would have shocked me two years ago too.. I used to wash my hair every day and then started to read about how it is actually healthier to shampoo less frequently so that your natural oils can help to keep your hair strong and healthy so I switched to every other day and eventually got to the point where I can go five days before washing it again! On the fourth and fifth days it does tend to get a bit greasy, so I just usually use some dry shampoo (although sometimes that can make my hair feel brittle so I only do it if necessary!)

*I know what you are thinking, but I shower every day I promise!

Purple shampoo: This makes tons of difference in my hair color! I have been using the Clairol shimmer lights shampoo for a long time now (and not had to repurchase it yet – get the big bottle!) The reviews online when I bought it said that it smelled horrible and that it dried out their hair, but the smell does not bother me at all so I’m not sure what that’s about! I also don’t use it that often on the ends of my hair, so it doesn’t dry it out either. I use it on my scalp/roots and leave it on for 5ish minutes, and if my hair is feeling a bit yellow I will then put it on the rest of my hair and leave it on for a couple more minutes before rinsing it out and conditioning like normal.

I was using this every time/every other time I shampooed, but had forgotten to bring it in to the shower for a few weeks before making this video and remembered yesterday. When I was doing it every time I obviously didn’t know how much of a difference it was making, but now I am positive it does because it made my hair look tons more silver and ashy – exactly what I always want!

Let me know in the comments if there are any other purple shampoos that you swear by because I would love to try them out after I finish this big bottle!

Purple CC creme: I picked up this purple dessange cc cream after hearing Amanda Steele (who’s hair is everything!) talk about it and it is for sure helpful! If my hair is feeling especially brassy I will put it on my hair (usually on my roots as they are the most yellow!) and leave it on for 5-1o minutes and rinse out!

Hair mask: This bloke hair mask really helps to hydrate and restore my hair to its shiny, moisturized state! When I know I am going to shower the next day I put it on all of my hair (but mainly focusing on the ends that are most dry) and let it soak in until I shower like normal the next day!

Infusium B5 leave-in treatment: After I have showered, I towel dry my hair and squirt some of this on my hair to help to strengthen and detangle it! My hair naturally gets tangled SO easily so it is really helpful to use this.

Leave in conditioner: I use this when my hair is damp and needs a little bit more moisture! Leave in conditioners are really helpful for all hair types just to give your hair the hydration it needs, especially in the winter time when our hair turns to STRAW!

Oils: I use regular coconut oil from the grocery store (and only $6 at trader joe’s!) on my hair at night, but don’t over do it or it will definitely look greasy the next day! Just use a teaspoonish amount and focus on the ends that are the most dry! I also like to use this NuMe argan oil and the Coconut Revolution hair serum on my hair when it is dry to help give it some shine and life and also because neither of these make my hair feel overly greasy!

Brushes and elastics: I use a tangle teaser that is meant for wet or dry hair, as I have found that sometimes normal brushes are rough on your hair. I also like to brush my hair starting at the bottom and working my way up in sections so I don’t just pull at it from the top! I also use a scrunchie when I am sleeping, as tight elastics can break your hair when you are laying on your back (and doing whatever crazy things we do in your sleep!)

Shop my routine below:

Organic oils with Malaya Organics

Malaya organics oils and bath salts

Malaya organics lip savior

Malaya organics hair oil Malaya organics hair oil Malaya organics oils Malaya body oils Malaya organics bath salts Malaya organics products

Body Oils | Face Serum | Bath Salts | Lip Savior | Hair Oil

So it’s finally feeling like spring around here, which means I am eventually going to have to bare my legs and feet for the world to see.. And I knew I needed something serious to combat my dry winter body. Needless to say I was sooo excited when Katya from Malaya organics  (insta here) reached out to me. I had never used organic oils before on my skin, but I might just be a convert. They go on smooth, but immediately soak into the skin and leave it feeling so supple.

My favorites had to be the lavender chapstick and the hair oil. I am a sucker for chapstick and lavender is one of those scents that I could smell all day and never get sick of, so combine the two and it feels like a breath of fresh air every time I put it on. And of course I loved the hair oil. If you haven’t noticed, a few weeks ago I went even blonder! I bleached my hair for the first time and while my hair is pretty resilient, I have been seeing some dryness and breakage on the ends. This hair oil has helped to keep my ends feeling less brittle and you can’t beat the smell. Each of the Malaya products uses natural essences to create a subtle aroma-therapy feeling! And how much better does it make you feel to know that everything is completely natural and handmade so you know exactly every ingredient you are putting on your skin.

Hope you enjoyed this post! It was a little bit different than my normal tutorial post of the week, but I just had to share with you guys these new products!

XO, k