Seeing Stars

Star dress Star dressStar dressStar dress Star dress Star dress Star dress Star dress Star dress Star dress

DRESS | SUNNIES (sold out :( but similar HERE) | HAT | TATTOOS

I think I need some new hats.. The problem is I am nervous to buy them online because I have come to learn that I have a weird sized head…. It is oddly tall? Does that even make sense?! Like when I get a medium/large hat it doesn’t sit as far down as I think it should! Must be because of all the brains I got going on up there ;) 

But the real star of the show is this dress (see what I did there?! Am I the only one that thinks I’m funny? Is that a resounding yes?…) I wore it earlier this week when we went on a walk to the beach and now looking back at it I am wondering what I was thinking because having those tan lines on my back would not have been cute! I definitely have a thing with pieces that have fun strappy backs and I was so excited when I saw this one on Lookbook Store because it seriously is the perfect summer dress! And now that I just realized July 4th is next week (omg how is it already almost July?) I am most definitely going to be wearing this! Well that was coincidentally perfect timing! Go me!!

XO, k