DIY Kimono

DIY Kimono tutorial DIY Kimono tutorial DIY Kimono tutorial DIY Kimono tutorial DIY Kimono tutorial


What can I say about kimonos that isn’t good.. They can be light and airy or fun and floral, but no matter what they are so comfy and make an outfit feel special. I decided that I would take a stab at making my own, and I am so happy I did! Now I just need to go pick up more fabric to make like ten more for summer! I think it would be super cute to make a shorter one and put tassels on the bottom or a border. Anyway you do it though, it was so so easy and will take you thirty minutes tops to do this. And even quicker if you use a non-fraying fabric like jersey!

I paired it with these jeans that I have basically bleached and ripped the crap out of and I am sooo happy I did! And this necklace.. Do you guys have pieces that are special to you and you wear when you need to be brave or strong. I have a ring that my Grandma gave me that I always wear when I know I need to me courageous, and I think this necklace might become my second piece like that. I got it from Fay With Love and I just love how each piece has a really lovely message behind it. This necklace is made of quartz, which is said to have energetic properties and I think, what a better way to feel balanced  and strong than to have a gorgeous piece of jewelry around your neck to remind you.

Okay enough sappy stuff.. On to the tutorial!

diy kimono tutorial

 1. Cut or use a piece of fabric that is 45 in. in width to 80 in. in length. The longer the fabric, the longer the kimono + the wider the fabric, the longer the sleeves. I used an old tablecloth so I had lots of fabric to work with (and if you find clean ones at thrift stores they are usually are tons cheaper than fabric). Cut half of the way up the middle of the fabric. This will be your front opening.

2. Hem this opening (if your fabric frays). Fold in half with right sides together + sew the sides of the kimono, leaving about ten inches at the top for your armhole.

3. Hem the bottom of the kimono (if your fabric frays).

Now if the warm weather would just catch up with my growing summer wardrobe! ;)

XO, k

DIY Lace Pencil Skirt

DIY Lace pencil skirt tutorial DIY Lace pencil skirt tutorial DIY Lace pencil skirt tutorial DIY Lace pencil skirt tutorial DIY Lace pencil skirt tutorial Winter white and pale pink DIY Lace pencil skirt tutorial DIY Lace pencil skirt tutorial


Nothing says feminine and Valentine’s day like some lace. This pencil skirt was a long time coming but actually was not too difficult to make, so I know you can whip one up in time for your date on Saturday! The best part is that lace doesn’t fray so you don’t need to hem the bottom or top! I always find that skirts are the easiest to make because they aren’t overly complicated but are such an outfit staple. Some of my other favorites that I have made in the past are the easy circle skirt, the eight panel skirt, and the wrap skirt I wrote about last week! Hope you guys enjoy :)

XO, k

DIY Lace pencil skirt tutorial

1. Cut out one piece of lace and one piece of lining. They will both be the same width (widest part of hip + seam allowance) but the lace should be about ten inches longer so that there is a sheer bottom.

2. Lay the lace over the lining, with both of their right sides facing down, and fold in half. Sew the back seam with a slight taper at the bottom so that it is a pencil shape and make sure to stop short so there is space for a slit.

3. Put in a zipper in the back seam and hem the slit and bottom of the lining. Like I said before, you won’t need to hem the lace. Once the zipper is in turn over the top of the skirt and sew down.

4. Now you will need to make darts on the top of the skirt for it to actually fit you. The easiest way that I find to do this is to turn the skirt inside out and zip it up. With pins handy, pinch the waistline in two evenly spaced spots in the front of the skirt and two in the back. Pin in place and sew.