A Blue Picnic

Snuggle bugsTurquoise ring Picnic Hooray! Picnic setting Tie die matching setberries

^ Look at her little tongue! No Nelly, that’s not your ball!

a blue picnic Doggy

^ Seriously Nel?

Picnic Tie die matching setTie die matching set Tie die matching set

^ Going in for the kissing kill!

Tie die matching set berries shoes

^ Is seeing a four leaf clover in a pic the same as in real life? If so, I’ll keep looking!

Naughty monkey sandals Tie die matching set

^ Photobomber

Champagne Tie die matching set picnic Pink flowers


For some reason it took me forever to get this post out. I sat down at my computer and started to look through the photos, which was a hard task because I loved so many of them that I couldn’t just chose a couple (sorry for the overload!), but then got side tracked on to a trillion different things. The internet always tricks me into getting temporary ADD. Actually, it’s more like Pinterest. If I go on there, you will lose me for hours.. But it’s not a waste when it’s brings you inspiration and happiness?

Last weekend Char and I went for a little picnic and it was like a dream. I am obsessed with all the blue, which I didn’t even realize would be quite so much before we went (I am not THAT organized).. I mean even the fruit is blue! I can’t complain though. Cool colors are just so cool ;) (wow creative….) I was also super pumped to use this little tote because, if you know me, you know two of my favorite things in this world are flowers and champs. The best ever.

And while we were there Nelly literally attracted like every dog  in the park. I don’t blame them because she is so cute, but she is not very keen on other dogs. She is more of a people dog :) And I went to grab her as one was running over and totally spilled a glass of water all over myself (because I am so graceful….) So half of these photos are taken with a totally wet bottom half. The whole day made me very happy though so maybe I should wet my pants more often..

XO, k



Army and floral

Muted floral and army print Muted floral and army print Muted floral and army print Muted floral and army print


In an attempt to dare Mother Nature to make it any colder, I skipped the tights this weekend.. And she came back at me with a snowstorm. So here I guess she wins this one. To counteract my extremely frozen legs, I wore Charlie’s big puffy warm jacket because let’s face it, there is nothing quite like stealing your boyfriend’s clothes! He always says that I steal his clothes before he even has a chance to wear them. He might be right but I just like to think of it as a second, much more cozier wardrobe! :)

Happy Thursday!

XO, k