Hang out with me | VLOG

Hey guys! I thought I would do something a little different today! I uploaded a short little follow me around vlog to my youtube that we took a few weekends ago when Charlie’s mom came to visit and we went to an indoor trampoline park and the arts festival! Trampolining is Char’s favorite activity and he is wayyy better than me, but it really is so much fun and actually a crazy good work out! Have any of you done it before? I swear there are muscles aching the next day that I didn’t even know were there!

I usually wear my hair in a french braid when we go there because it is the easiest way to keep it out of my face when jumping (who actually has elastics that are jump proof?!) and of course there are always tons of little kids there for birthday parties and stuff. And one time a girl working there told us that a bunch of the little ones were talking about how there was a girl that looked like Elsa jumping! Usually when a group of girls is whispering and staring at you it’s not the nicest of scenarios, but when they are five it’s pretty adorable!

Then we showered (because OMG you sweat like crazy) and went to brunch and an arts festival! It was really cute and just a super fun weekend!

Hope that you guys liked my first vloggish video and make sure to let me know if you want to see more of these types of videos! Have a wonderful weekend loves :)

XO, k

Floral, Stripes, and a Puppy

DVF Tunic DVF Tunic DVF printed dressDVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress

^not staged, just gazing into each others eyes as usual..

DVF printed dress

^fallout shelter?? Charlie made a point to keep it in the pictures..

DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress


Last weekend we went to Buffalo to visit Charlie’s family and surprise his dad for his birthday!! It was so much fun and the chilly fall weather rolled right in! I think that every time I go to Buffalo it turns cold and I expect that when I walk out the door it will be snowing.. But I love it! It really is such a pretty city and it’s much better to see it without my sunglasses slipping down my nose from sweat…

And now I can wear things with long sleeves! This dress is everything because the pattern is so pretty but it’s really loose tunic which makes it perfect for that second helping of ice cream ;) Nelly is seriously the cutest little thing ever. I mean look at her face! She is and will always be my number one accessory because tan goes with everything :)

Hope you guys have wonderful day!

XO, k

Graffiti wall

Neutral fall outfit three strand braidFall neutrals Neutral fall outfit nyc grafitti Neutral fall outfit Neutral fall outfit three strand braid Fall neutrals Fall neutrals Neutral fall outfit Fall neutrals


I am such a sucker for a good graffiti wall.. and when I saw a three for one I ran. Well not literally, but these shoes did give me blisters so I’m a little bit hardcore.. I must have boney feet though because no matter how comfy the shoe is, I always end up getting blisters. Luckily I was sent this pain reliever stuff called sole serum that actually helped tons the next day with my aching feet! This week has felt like it should already be Saturday but quite possibly Monday still too.. How does that happen?! Charlie and I have a full weekend ahead so I must just be excited and ready to get it rolling!

I was really excited to wear this dress because who doesn’t want to look fancier than you feel? It is the comfiest jersey fabric (think a really soft t-shirt) but it’s maxi length and slits make it look like you actually tried.. My favorite kind of outfit ;)

XO, k

Boho glam

Fall maxi Beachy curlsFame and Partners maxi dress Fall maxi Fall maxi Fall maxi Fame and Partners maxi dress Fame and Partners maxi dress Maxi dress Fame and Partners maxi dress Beachy curls Beachy curls Fame and Partner maxi dress Beachy curls Beachy curls Beachy curls Maxi dress Beachy curls Beachy curls


Sorry for the overload of photos but I just couldn’t choose! I felt so glamorous in the best kind of boho way (and I think Charlie was sick of seeing me twirl, but I didn’t throw up it was all good).

I also was so happy that I jumped outside of my comfort zone with this one.. both with the bold colors and maxi skirt (which I rarely wear but am obsessed with how tall it made me feel.. How does that work?!) but also because we stopped at this abandoned building to take pictures because I am always like “ohhh a run down building? My favorite!” only to realize that it was NOT abandoned and there were people loitering in their cars staring at us….. Hi! I have gotten so much more comfortable with taking pictures in public, but this outfit is definitely not one that you wear to blend in! I felt like a movie star!

Hope you loves all have a great holiday weekend!

XO, k


Bunny ears beach day

Cobalt and white Cobalt and white Cobalt and white Turquoise accents Mix and match swimmer Flash tattoos mermaid style

^click the product for details!


Summer’s not over yet!! I will go to the beach even when their is snow on the ground so I’m not one to talk, but it is still HOT and I am going to hold on to summer for as long as I can! When we went last weekend I decided to take you along and do a cute little video as well! As you can see, Connecticut beaches are rocky (let me tell you how much it hurts your feet to walk on it….) and not very glamorous, but they still bring out all my mermaid senses..

When we came back I was looking at the pictures and Charlie said “wow your headband really looks like bunny ears”….. well thanks for telling me sooner Char!

PS guys, I guess I took the phrase dance like no one is watching to heart because the second Charlie turned around to get a skipping rock I started dancing for the camera…. I’ve got so much rhythm too….

XO, k