Bright Rainbow Eye Tutorial

rainbow eyes rainbow eyes rainbow eyes Bright rainbow eyes tutorial rainbow eyes


The craziest most colorful look I have ever worn – and I am totally digging it! When I started doing this look I was only going to use pink and orange but when the other colors are right in front of you why not use them all! I always used to say that my favorite color was rainbow because it was too hard to pick just one color – they are all beautiful! Orange totally used to be my favorite color which is such a shocker because I am all about the blues and purples now! I took this test online once about if you are a super see-er or something and it was so much fun. The colors were all lined up next to each other and you had to count how many different colors you could decipher and of course I made everyone in my family do it because isn’t that what you do with online quizzes? It was interesting to see how people see color differently – my sister counted a different number than me!

Either way, I love color and am happy I have started to incorporate it more into my makeup looks now that I got this Urban Decay electric palette! When it first came in the mail I opened the box to find a warning saying that some of the colors were not suitable to put on your face and I was so confused… I used them all anyways (because I paid for it, I better be able to get the most out of it!) and it turns out that the red tones – pink orange red – kinda stain your eyelid a little bit for like a day and then it goes away.. Which I am fine with but I do feel a little worried the next morning when I wake up and look in the mirror and it looks like I had an allergic reaction! Thank goodness for coverup ;)

Hope you guys like this tutorial! XO