Flower braids and fishtail tutorial

Another video?! Yay!! I did these flower braids and fishtail a couple weeks ago and loved the way it turned out so I thought I would do a little video on how I do it! The flowers are actually pretty simple but once they are pinned up they look wayyy more intricate than they actually are! When I was editing this video, I realized how stinking long it takes me to fishtail my hair.. Like straight up ten minutes of footage just for the one fishtail. I guess it’s probably because I wanted it to be a bit more detailed so I was taking small pieces from the side to cross over but holy moly.. I understand why people can get frustrated and give up when trying it for the first time! I think I’ve said this before but when I was first learning to fishtail on myself I realized that it was easier to learn just by feeling rather than looking in the mirror. Something about watching your reflection was confusing to me (maybe its just all the blonde dye going to my head..) but it was so helpful because you learn how it feels to do it with your hands instead of how its supposed to look.

And after editing this video and speeding up the fishtail part, apparently my hands feel that they need to give the middle finger on repeat! I seriously never noticed I do that until I was watching it back and I was like… Oh my god… I do it over and over again and never even flinch! Soooo.. sorry guys, I actually love you all…..

XO, k