Brooklyn Bridge

Fishtail and the New York skyline white caftanBlack and white outfitBlack and white outfitBlack and white outfitblue tinted sunniesBlack and white outfitFishtail and nycBlack and white outfitBlack and white outfit  Black and white outfit Diamond tattoo

^I have webbed fingers so I can’t wear an engagement ring on my left ring finger! I was joking that I would have to get this fake tattoo permanent instead (jk of course.. )

Fishtail and nyc Brooklyn bridgeBlack and white outfitNYC outfit

^so nyc with the taxi..

Black and white outfitBrooklyn Bridge

^we stood on the bridge for like fifteen minutes in the same spot trying to get one where peopler weren’t giving us weird looks!

Brooklyn BridgeBrooklyn Bridge


Brooklyn Bridge


It’s Thursday! And it’s raining!! I am absolutely frigid but I guess now that it is September it’s about time.. We went into the city last week and went to the Brooklyn Bridge Park! We have central air in our apartment so when I am getting dressed I am always cold so I dress as if it is cool outside, but last week it was HOT and I wore these pants. So we were going to take the subway straight to the park (avoid as much heat as possible) but of course there were delays and such, so we walked over the bridge both ways. All I can say is thank god my shirt (which is actually a dress.. why not use it as double duty for fall!) was sheer because dang, I would have had a pretty intense sweat situation..

When we went back over we decided to try to take some pics with the skyline in the background and it was hilarious to look back at them and see all the people’s faces in the background! It was seriously swarmed with tourists (note to self: don’t try to go on a holiday weekend..) and we were so excited when we got some that only had a few people in the background! AND I have been wanting to find the wing mural for like a year and we finally decided to find it! It wasn’t even the original one but one that was for equality and I love it! It didn’t let me down :)

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

XO, k


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