Printed Sunrise


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So we woke up at literally the crack of dawn to take photos on the beach because I have always wanted sunrise photos but am NOT a morning person.. But I did it. Aren’t you proud?! And I woke up thinking it would be hot and steamy out (sounds like a bad romance novel) and it turned out to be sixty degrees out so don’t mind my goosebumps.

As you may have noticed, I have had a slight (aka big) shift in my wardrobe choices as of late. I am always wearing white or black or some sort of muted pastel. I think it is because I love the way they look with my hair, but sometimes I feel like I just need to get out of that rut.. Another thing is that I have also been obsessed with palm/tropical print but green is definitely one of those colors that either looks amazing on you or horrid. I am definitely the latter. This dress is such a dream because it combines everything I love so I don’t even have to step outside my new comfort zone! My kinda deal ;)

Hope you guys have a good weekend! I’m going to go to sleep now.. (JK. kinda….)

XO, k