EASY Glowy Holiday Makeup Tutorial

		Hi :

Happy holidays! I decided to use some of the products I received in the Look Fantastic advent calendar (watch my previous post!) to create a super easy and somewhat natural holiday beauty look. I know that I can do crazy more dramatic smokey looks, but for the holidays I always tend to go a little more understated (could be because I know my mom and grandma will approve of this look..)

Also, Look Fantastic is having a huge winter sale! If I were you I would snatch up some goodies and think of it as a Christmas gift to yourself because you give gifts to those you love and don’t you love yourself?! (I think a little more self love would be the perfect new years resolution for us all!)

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your friends and loved ones – I am excited to just eat and drink and be snowed in with my fam. AND show Olive SNOW!!

Love you all and appreciate everything you are :)


Advent Calendar Unboxing!



It’s finally socially acceptable for me to start talking about Christmas! Well, to tell you the truth, I put up my Christmas tree and decorated the apartment a few weeks ago… But now I won’t get so many weird looks for it! I got these two advent calendars from Look Fantastic and was so excited to open them – I don’t know if advent calendars have always been popular in the United States because I never remember seeing them in stores when I was younger, but after years of watching soooo many British youtubers open up their advent calendars, I finally did too! I opened up all of the days in the video above for both the Skin Store and Look Fantastic calendars and was shocked at how many quality products you get. Like actually stuff I will use and maybe definitely already have…

I can report back that I am obsessed with my Foreo – I got the mini Foreo in the 12th box of the Skin Store calendar (retails for $99 but has $350 worth of product in it) and took it out right away and have been using it ever since! It made my skin feel so soft even after the first use and hasn’t been too rough for my sensitive skin (which has happened with other exfoliating brushes). I also packed a bunch of the face and hand moisturizers when I was traveling for Thanksgiving and was soo thankful I did. My skin felt so chapped after being on multiple planes….

The Look Fantastic calendar ($115 with over $350 worth of products) has 25 boxes with a mixture of makeup, skincare, and hair products – opening each one was like a little Christmasy treat. I also loved that there were a mixture of full and travel size items so that I can take them with me when I visit my fam for the holidays!

Now that I am feeling significantly spoiled I don’t think I can ever leave the dark side.. Guess I have to get advent calendars every year now!



DIY Metallic Lips Tutorial

Hey dolls! Here is a tutorial I made a while ago for a way to DIY the metallic liquid lipsticks I am seeing everywhere recently! It isn’t too hard, and the best part is that you can do any color combination that you want. This one is for a dark blue with silver over it, but I also did a dark nude with gold highlighter on top and a dark greyish color with pink highlighter over it! I would dig it with a bronze color for fall (how is already fall?!).

Hope you liked it! XO


Fishtail Braid and Twist Half Up Tutorial

Fishtail braid and twisted hairstyle tutorial Fishtail and Twist Tutorial


How feminine and pretty is this style? I curled my hair beforehand (using this tutorial for tighter curls or this for looser waves) which I think adds a lot to the mermaidy-ness of it, but the fishtail and twist make it like the prettiest prom or wedding style ever. I feel like if I want a hairstyle that everyone is always impressed with, I always go for a dutch fishtail… It is so funny how big this braid looks but before I pull it apart it is like the tiniest thing. Do you guys pull all of your braids apart?


EASY Understated Prom Makeup tutorial

Easy prom makeup Easy cateye tutorial Easy prom makeup


Hi loves! This weeks tutorial is for an understated makeup look (does that mean boring? MAYBE…..) that would be perfect for prom or graduation or whatever formal events you have coming up. I know I would have never been able to do a crazy look in high school or even college and using the tape makes doing your eye make up sooo much easier so I hope you like it and give it a try! I realized after the fact that I didn’t explain the tape that much so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask – it really makes it so much easier to get a crisp line and a nice flicked cat eye (just make sure to really push the tape down so none of powder or liner can get underneath it)!