Floral, Stripes, and a Puppy

DVF Tunic DVF Tunic DVF printed dressDVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress

^not staged, just gazing into each others eyes as usual..

DVF printed dress

^fallout shelter?? Charlie made a point to keep it in the pictures..

DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress


Last weekend we went to Buffalo to visit Charlie’s family and surprise his dad for his birthday!! It was so much fun and the chilly fall weather rolled right in! I think that every time I go to Buffalo it turns cold and I expect that when I walk out the door it will be snowing.. But I love it! It really is such a pretty city and it’s much better to see it without my sunglasses slipping down my nose from sweat…

And now I can wear things with long sleeves! This dress is everything because the pattern is so pretty but it’s really loose tunic which makes it perfect for that second helping of ice cream ;) Nelly is seriously the cutest little thing ever. I mean look at her face! She is and will always be my number one accessory because tan goes with everything :)

Hope you guys have wonderful day!

XO, k

Boho glam

Fall maxi Beachy curlsFame and Partners maxi dress Fall maxi Fall maxi Fall maxi Fame and Partners maxi dress Fame and Partners maxi dress Maxi dress Fame and Partners maxi dress Beachy curls Beachy curls Fame and Partner maxi dress Beachy curls Beachy curls Beachy curls Maxi dress Beachy curls Beachy curls


Sorry for the overload of photos but I just couldn’t choose! I felt so glamorous in the best kind of boho way (and I think Charlie was sick of seeing me twirl, but I didn’t throw up it was all good).

I also was so happy that I jumped outside of my comfort zone with this one.. both with the bold colors and maxi skirt (which I rarely wear but am obsessed with how tall it made me feel.. How does that work?!) but also because we stopped at this abandoned building to take pictures because I am always like “ohhh a run down building? My favorite!” only to realize that it was NOT abandoned and there were people loitering in their cars staring at us….. Hi! I have gotten so much more comfortable with taking pictures in public, but this outfit is definitely not one that you wear to blend in! I felt like a movie star!

Hope you loves all have a great holiday weekend!

XO, k



Ten ways to wear a head scarf Ten ways to wear a head scarf Ten ways to wear a head scarf Ten ways to wear a head scarf Ten ways to wear a head scarf Ten ways to wear a head scarf Ten ways to wear a head scarf Transitional outfit Ten ways to wear a head scarf Ten ways to wear a head scarf Ten ways to wear a head scarf  



I have something to admit… I haven’t washed my hair in six days. I usually try for five days (and it is a bit too greasy even then), but yesterday I just wasn’t feelin’ it.. A major case of the hair lazies. So instead I curled it and wrapped it up..

When my hair is dirty I usually go through a list in my head. I could either:

a. put it up in a ponytail

b. wear a hat

c. wear a headscarf

d. use (lots and lots of) dry shampoo

But I will wash it today, I promise…. (I guess I don’t have much of a choice now that I just told you that)

XO, k

PS SNEAK PEEK ALERT: I filmed a video about TEN ways to wear a headscarf and it is going up on my youtube channel sometime soon (hint hint: tomorrow) as a little extra treat this week! So make sure to check that out and I will put it up on my blog as well so get excited!

Printed Sunrise


Sunrise and braids OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARory Beca dress from Revolve Clothing Rory Beca dress Dutch Braid Babe watch Sunrise Rory Beca dress and a Dutch Braid Rory Beca Dress Rory Beca Dress Dutch Braid Dutch braids dutch braids Rory Beca Dress


So we woke up at literally the crack of dawn to take photos on the beach because I have always wanted sunrise photos but am NOT a morning person.. But I did it. Aren’t you proud?! And I woke up thinking it would be hot and steamy out (sounds like a bad romance novel) and it turned out to be sixty degrees out so don’t mind my goosebumps.

As you may have noticed, I have had a slight (aka big) shift in my wardrobe choices as of late. I am always wearing white or black or some sort of muted pastel. I think it is because I love the way they look with my hair, but sometimes I feel like I just need to get out of that rut.. Another thing is that I have also been obsessed with palm/tropical print but green is definitely one of those colors that either looks amazing on you or horrid. I am definitely the latter. This dress is such a dream because it combines everything I love so I don’t even have to step outside my new comfort zone! My kinda deal ;)

Hope you guys have a good weekend! I’m going to go to sleep now.. (JK. kinda….)

XO, k

Cozy Culottes



These culottes were new to me about a year ago, but they were lovingly found from the thrift store so who actually knows when they are from. When I first saw them I was unsure if I like culottes, but my grandmother swore that she used to wear them all the time and she loved them. And if there is one thing I have learned, it’s that when in doubt you follow your grandmother’s fashion advice because somehow everything she thought was stylish will come back around. Culottes are definitely not the exception here! They have been super popular and I have seen them everywhere. And I definitely am going to be picking up another pair (or two or three…). I listed some of my favorites right now above, so check them out :)

I am heading up to New Hampshire for the weekend for Easter and I am so excited to be home but they still have so much snow!! I am down here trying to break out all my summer clothes and sandals and I will probs end up having to pack fur and boots! JK… But really who ever knows with this New England weather!

Hope you all have an amazing Easter filled with family, friends, and lots and lots of peeps!

XO, k