tiny twists tutorial

The baby braids hairstyle is so easy, so 90s, and so trendy right now. This is a fun twist (get it…..) on the normal three strand baby braids we have been seeing everywhere this past year – here’s how to do tiny twists!

To do this, start with a small section of hair anywhere you want a braid. Separate the section into two equal sections and twist both pieces towards your face. Then cross the front piece over the back and twist towards your face again. Then cross the new front pieces over the back piece and twist again. And then do it again. And again. And again. Very monotonous but pretty easy. You can then secure the bottom with an elastic or take a comb and tease the end a little so it stays.

I put two on the side of my head in this video, but you can also do the front two face framing pieces (like I added above), ones underneath your hair, or just a bunch all over. They are just so cute and also look good if done before you throw your hair in a ponytail or bun to give the top part some extra texture.

Show me how you styled them with pictures in the comments!

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