Trend Alert: Padded Headbands

Hi guys! Quick little post because I have been seeing padded velvet headbands everywhere lately but didn’t think I could pull them off.. of course I was still curious though. Enough that I searched on good old Amazon and found this six pack for only $10.

SOO like always when you are just casually searching on amazon without actually planning to buy anything, they were at my house in two days….. and I’m so happy with them! They are actually really nice for the price and I love the shades in the pack – I wore the green one to Christmas and can’t wait to style the pink for Valentine’s day outfits.

I also have a love hate relationship with headbands and wearing them for extended periods of time without getting a raging headache, but I can report back that these were soft enough to not cause any pain! WOW looks good and not painful? What more can we ask for…..

Anyway, I thought I should jump on telling you guys now while they are still only $10. Hope you like this trend as much as me!!

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