Milkmaid Braid Tutorial

DIY milkmaid braids tutorialDIY milkmaid braids tutorialDIY milkmaid braids tutorialDIY milkmaid braids tutorialDIY milkmaid braids tutorial

I have loved milkmaid braids ever since I saw Heidi when I was like ten. I have quite long hair though and could never follow the normal tutorials on how to do it without the braids looking really bulky on the top of my head. Instead of putting both braids on the top, instead I create a complete circle of braids around my head. Here is the easy tutorial on how to get the look yourself!

DIY milkmaid braids tutorial


1. Part your hair in two down the middle, keeping the front two wispy pieces in the front of your face out. Start braiding on one side of your head with the braid leading towards the top of your head. It is important to pull your hair the direction you want it in the end so that it does not bulge and have crazy bumps. This will be the front part of the crown. Secure it with an small elastic and wrap it on the top. Keep in place with bobby pins.

2. With the other half of your hair, create a second braid leading down your head. Wrap this around the back of your head and secure with bobby pins.

3. If your hair is longer it will end towards the front of your head, so tuck it under the other braid and put pins in the end.

4. Put bobby pins in any area that is bumpy. Pull out wispy pieces around your face for a more natural unkempt look.


Easy as pie!



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