Dutch braid and fishtail twist tutorial


Do the twist guys! This one is of course a mixed braid because I am apparently obsessed.. I love dutch braids like this for summer because they keep your hair off of your face (doesn’t that sound like such a mom thing to say?).. It was rainy this whole weekend though which was kinda nice because we just spent it relaxing! The weekend before we were on the go because…. I totally don’t want to admit this because it sounds kinda grungy… but we had clothing moths….. And they are seriously torture. It is like impossible to get rid of them! And I have no idea how we even got them! They have been eating all of our thin cotton which is so annoying.. But I cleaned everything in our closet and I have been using lots of lavender and cedar in hopes that they are gone for good. Shoo moths, don’t bother me! :(

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! And definitely let me know if there are any hairstyles you want me to try to do tutorials for!

XO, k

dutch and fishtail twisted braid tutorial

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