Dutch French Braid Tutorial

Easy dutch french braid video tutorialEasy dutch french braid video tutorial

This dutch french braid is one of my favorite hairstyles for working out or when you know you will be running around all day because it is tight and out of your face without looking too intense. If you couldn’t tell my hair sometimes has a mind of its own and gets sooo tangled so easily, so this one really is a life saver becuase it doesn’t fall out as easily as a ponytail or bun!

French braiding is kind of a hard thing to write out directions for, so I made a little minute tutorial so you could see exactly how I do it! Basically it is like a french braid where you take a chunk of hair from the top of your head and start a three strand braid, and you alternate pulling pieces from the sides of your head and incorporating them into the braid, but instead of pulling the pieces over the top, you tuck them under….. And that made no sense to even me so really just watch the tutorial and you will understand! Let me know if you have any questions or ideas on what styles you would want me to try!

XO, k