Super simple step by step faux bob tutorial

Somedays you want to try something different. While I always say I would dye my hair lilac or cut it off, I am so attached to my long blonde locks that I don’t think I could ever actually do any of that. With Halloween around the corner though, I figured it would be the perfect time to try out a faux bob! It is retro and chic but super easy and I love it! It would be perfect if you were trying to dress up as anything vintage or even if you just want a little change. I would even wear it for a fancy evening out on the town! Hope you guys enjoy!

1. Curl your hair like you normally would, paying special attention to the top layers since they will be the ones seen in the long bob (if you don’t have layers or are in need of a trim, try my DIY HAIR TRIM tutorial!)

2. Tease your roots. This will add volume and also allow us to hide the ends under it easier.

3. Take the ends of your hair and tie them with your elastic. Because I have super long hair, I created a small bun so I could make my faux bob shorter.

4. Turn the bun under your other hair and pin it at the nape of your neck. Beware that you may need tons of bobby pins (I did!!). Pull back any loose pieces and pin, leaving out some curls to frame your face.

XO, k

Super simple step by step faux bob tutorialSuper simple step by step faux bob tutorial

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