Half up Braids and Flower Tutorial

Half up braids and flowers tutorial


Hey guys! I figured I would do both a video and written tutorial for you guys this week so that if you are better with watching or reading you can do it! I did this one without any extensions (and my hair is  wet… I don’t have the patience to blow dry it all the way sometimes!) so I know that it will still look cute with any length or thickness! Hope you guys enjoy!

XO, k

Step by step:

1. Part hair in the middle. Take a section from one side of your head and do a three strand braid toward the back of your head. Pull it apart and secure with an elastic.

2. Take a section above your ear from the other side of head and do the same (three strand and then pull apart)

3. Join these together with a clear elastic in the middle of the back of your head.

4. Twist whichever braid is longest into a flat flower and weave bobby pins in to secure your flower!

It might be easier to watch so here is the video!!