Twisted Three Strand Braid tutorial

I made my first step by step slowed down youtube vid! Hooray!! I posted this photo on instagram a little while back and people were so curious as to how I did it so I figured I would make a video to show you! It really is so easy and only takes like three minutes but I decided to do a more step by step tutorial video instead of those sped up ones! I hope you guys like it! Let me know :)

1. Spray roots with dry shampoo.

2. Take three sections of hair (usually try to get the longest pieces) and separate them from the rest of your hair.

3. With the remaining hair do a three strand braid and pull it apart.

4. Now wrap the three sections of hair around the braid one at a time, alternating directions. I try to pull the pieces through at the top so that it looks like part of the braid. When they get to the end secure it with a bobby pin or elastic.

5. Pull at these twists to give a bit of volume, but not so much that they fall out.

XO, k

Twisted three strand braid

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