DIY Garment Rack Tutorial

Today’s tutorial is simple but one of my favorite (and most functional) pieces in our apartment! Anyone with a love of shopping knows that closet space is always a hot commodity, so with a garment rack you can display some of your favorite pieces or use it for coats and boots like I did. I think once spring comes, which I am hoping is like next week, I will transition it! Without further ado:


Piece of wood for bottom

Four casters

Two pipes for the sides of your rack and one for the top (I used 3/4″ x 60″ iron pipe)

One pipe for the top of your rack (I used 3/4″ x 36″)

Two floor flanges in whatever width you choose

Two elbows in whatever width you choose


Attach the elbows to the top bar and the the sides to the bottom of the elbows.

Drill with screws the flanges into the bottom piece of wood.

Drill the casters onto the bottom of your piece of wood!

And that is it! Mine is very sturdy and believe me, right now I have about twenty heavy winter coats hanging off of it so I am pushing it to its limits! Hope you enjoyed!

XO, k