Braided Ponytail Tutorial

Braided Ponytail Tutorial Braided Ponytail Tutorial Braided Ponytail Tutorial


Hey loves! Here is a braided ponytail tutorial that is such a cute spring/summer style! I would totally wear this to festivals where I don’t want my hair to be down and in my face – now I just need to get myself to a festival ;)

1 . Do a deep side part. Take a small piece of hair from near hairline and start doing a dutch braid – crossing the left outside piece under the middle piece and then the right piece under the middle.

2 . Next time you cross the left piece under add a piece of hair from the rest of your hair to it, making it a french braid. Because this style is kinda like a mohawk (although I did mine slightly to the side) you are only going to want to add hair that is on the top of your head – I did from my temples back to the crown of my head.

3 . Once you get to the crown, stop adding pieces and just do a regular dutch braid (outsides under the middle) until you get about 3/4 to all the way down your hair.

4 . Secure the braid with a small clear (or black if you have dark hair) elastic and pull the braid apart so it makes it appear thicker. When I pull apart the top pieces that are obviously much thinner to begin with I rub my fingers on it to tease it a little and make it look thicker :)

5 . Pull all of your hair up into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Wrap a small piece of hair from your ponytail around the elastic to hide it and then secure the piece with a bobby pin.

6 . Scrunch up your ponytail to add some volume near the elastic, pull out any face framing pieces that you like, and pull apart any pieces from the braid that have lost thickness.

That is it! I think this would look super cute with short hair too – just start with smaller pieces at the beginning and don’t pull the braid apart as much!

Hope you like it :)

XO, k

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