Loose Beachy Curls Tutorial

How to: loose beachy wavesHow to: loose beachy waves

MY CHANNEL | NuMe 32 mm classic wand (code 2CLASSICS34 for 2 wands for $34) | Luxy extensions in 24 inch (code KIRSTENLUXY for $5 off) | Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in Serenity (code “kirsten” for 20% off)

I am couple days late posting this to my blog (but make sure to subscribe to my YOUTUBE for tutorial videos every Tuesday!) but I am excited to show you guys this one because it is how I curl my hair pretty much every time! I don’t usually do tight curls in my hair, so beachy waves is my go to. I just picture that if I really was a mermaid I would wake up and my hair would look like this, but I am not and so thank god for my curling wand (which I have already bought people for Christmas – shh!)

Hope that this was helpful and you guys liked it!

XO, k

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