Twisted french braid tutorial

Tutorial Tuesday! This week I am showing you how to do this twisted french braid that is actually not a braid at all but that’s okay because I loooove it :) It is actually pretty easy (and not very hard to mess up) once you realize the main principle behind doing it!

1. Start by taking the piece of hair at the crown of your head and split it in two.

2. Twist these pieces both to the right and the join them together.

3. Split the right piece in half and the left piece in half and join the top pieces together and the bottom pieces together.

4. Now add more hair to each side (making it a french braid) and twist it again. You can do this so that they are twisted towards each other, to the left, to the right, or away from each other. I like to alternate between all of them so it looks messier and more undone.

5. Continue doing this all the way down, adding pieces and twisting and separating in two and joining together :)

6. Once you have added all the hair from the sides, just continue to split and join and twist until you are all the way down.

7. Pull at your twists so that it looks messy and really twisted and knotted!

8. You are done! YAY! Hope this makes sense and if it doesn’t you can always comment or email me your questions and I will answer them! And remember to tag #kokayhair on instagram if you recreate any of my styles :)

XO, k

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