Falling in love with Niagara Falls

FishtailBlack crochet dresslace hemWrap around fishtail braidBlack crochet dressBlack crochet dressPrism sunniesNiagara Falls Wrap around fishtail braid


When we were in Buffalo a couple weekends ago we went to Niagara Falls! Charlie and I went when we first started dating so it’s been a while and it was just as amazing this time around! We didn’t go down on the boat this time but I loved it so much when we did it the first time. And I don’t know about you but it always reminds me of Jim and Pam’s wedding episode from the Office! So cute. The Office is Charlie and my all time favorite show (I’m talking Char can quote pretty much every episode) so we were huge softies when we were on it. I’m talking lots of mental pictures ;)

I gotta tell you the truth on this outfit though. If we were going and not taking pictures I probably would not have looked this cute BUT we were so I wore heels and a dress.. I know, total loser but it was actually fine because this dress is so comfy because it is crochet (think of a real life body glove.. not too shabby!) but I ended up taking my shoes off and walking around barefoot. I only got a couple weird looks so nothing out of the ordinary!

Charlie and I must have gotten sick there though :( Last week I had a sore throat and was being a baby about it (because why not?!) and then Charlie was telling everyone that he would never get sick if it weren’t for me! Well then he got stuffy and miserable and I didn’t so I figured that I was just on the mend. But yesterday my nose got all stuffed up and now I am the miserable one…… SO moral of the story is he got me sick but I was just way wimpier and more of a complainer to begin with.. Oh well, someone’s gotta be the baby (but seriously, don’t put me in the corner)!

We can’t wait to have a relaxing weekend! What are you guys up to?

XO, k

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