Guess who’s back?

Culottes and crochet

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Guess who’s back, back again? Nelly’s back, tell a friend (and that’s why I am telling you, my bffs!) YAY! My little munchkin is staying with us again while Charlie’s parents are on a trip to Norway and Iceland (which I am so jealous of) but I am just happy to have Nelly back! I’ve wanted a puppy for literally years and half of the time I am on the internet I get distracted by looking at puppies because that’s totally normal… But I like to think that we have partial custody of Nelly so that will do for now :) Do you guys wear a watch? I have loved the look of Daniel Wellington watches ever since I saw how simple and chic they were on where else but pinterest, and I think this could be one that I actually wear. It looks so cute by itself here but I also really want to try it with gold bracelets, or is that just an excuse for me to go shopping ;) And I’m sure you guys are sick of seeing this crochet top on instagram, but I just always end up wearing it?! Oh well! And in other news, I gotta dye my hair asap because look at those roots… I am avoiding it because I am nervous of damaging my hair too much. Does anyone have any good tips? I am certainly not a hairdresser sooo let me know! It is always a learning experience for me :) XO, k