Shopping day

scalloped crop topPrinted pantsPrinted pantsPrinted pants Printed pantsPrinted pantsPrinted pantsPrinted pantsPrinted pants


Charlie and I went shopping a little while ago and I was like okay I’ll be all cute and we can take pictures! And so I did my hair and then my small clear elastic (ps how many times can I say that in my tutorials…..) BROKE! Ugh!! I usually leave a trail of them where ever I go. Like I find them everywhere. But of course the one day that it broke I couldn’t find one anywhere! So I teased that braid… And this was the result.. But lesson learned because I put a few in the back of my phone case! I know, I am a genius! And to stop me from being too upset about the hair elastic we got a nice frozen treat :)

I was super excited to wear these pants because um hello, they make your legs look a thousand miles long! I was kinda nervous I was going to be too hot but the fabric was actually light enough that it was perfect. Pants like these are making me a little bit (emphasis on the little) excited for fall!

Have a good weekend loves!

XO, k

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