FIVE Pigtails to Wear with Your Beanie

Pigtail braids. The braids you wore 24/7 in elementary school and somehow still rocking 20 years later

I love these braids. Truly a classic that are my go to style with a hat because your hair is pulled to the front so you can still see it without having to wear it down. But sometimes I get sick of the normal three strand pigtails, and that’s when you gotta spice things up a little. I show you how to do a three strand pigtail, fishtail braids, bubble braids, faux fishtails, and pull through braids.

blue beanie ❆ ❅

Which one is your favorite? I think the pull through braids are my favorite because they look so thick, but I forgot just how fun bubble braids look too.

1. Three strand braid – 00:35
2. Fishtail braid – 01:45
3. Bubble braid – 04:05
4. Faux fishtail braid- 05:00
5. Pull through braid – 06:25


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