Two ways to wear THIGH HIGH BOOTS!

Lace up top Thigh high boots Thigh high boots

HAT | CHOKER: LITERALLY A WHITE RIBBON I TIED ON MY NECK | SHIRT/DRESS (this is my boyfriend’s shirt that I decided to wear as a dress… he is size large but h&m also have a ton of “long” tshirts that would work too!) | JACKET
I have been obsessed with thigh high boots all winter. ONE – because they make you look so stinking tall (could be the four inch heel.. jury is still out….) and TWO – you can justify wearing mini dresses and skirts in the winter because there will only be a sliver of your leg showing so the frostbite will only attack that part!
The other day I was wearing Charlie’s shirt because that is what I do (currently wearing his sweatpants – not sure why his clothes are for real ten times more comfy than my own..) and I decided it would be totally a cute dress (albeit short.. and on another note how do you even pronounce albeit. Shouldn’t it just be all be it?).
Okay, enough stream of consciousness rambling for today..
XO, k

Thigh high boots


  1. Shelly Det
    February 28, 2016 / 9:57 pm

    These boots are really cute and look good with jeans. They are a good alternative to expansive stewart weitzman thigh highs.

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