You make me blush

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This scarf is so perfectly big and cozy when it’s cold outside but I just could not be bothered to go outside this weekend. Soooo I figured just ditch the clothes for these photos and just take them inside. 

Although Nelly always wants to take the LONGEST walks when it’s the coldest out.. And I’m so bundled up that my own breath fogs up my sunglasses – not a cute look. I used to watch What Not to Wear all the time and they would watch the secret footage and be like EW that’s what she’s wearing to go to the grocery store?! Well that’s def what they would say about my dog walking outfit. It’s usually like the baggiest sweatpants and three layers of sweaters underneath my jacket (plus my scarf, hat, mittens, and boots..) I wanted to be on that show so bad even though I was like twelve so pretty sure they wouldn’t have picked me… I used to tell my mom we should just go get really horribly ugly clothes and then pretend they are our wardrobe. So basically my dream was to scam people into giving us a shopping spree………. Not sure I should have just admitted that…

XO, k

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