Braid & Messy Bun Tutorial

Braid into a messy bun tutorial Braid into a messy bun tutorial Braid into messy bun tutorial

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HI! This is such an easy one – literally takes less than two minutes – but so messy and perfect! I think the key is to pull apart the braid like crazy so it looks way thick (it will be the end of the world the day I say not to do this.. but it is extra important on this style because it looks cooler when the braid fills up the entire side of your head!)

So watch the video above or read the instructions below to do it yourself!

1. Part your hair on the side. Set aside the front face framing piece of hair, and then take about a three inch wide section and start doing a dutch braid – splitting it into three sections and crossing the left piece under the middle, then the right piece under the middle.

2. Start incorporating hair from about a three inch section down the side of your head into the pieces when you cross them under, making it a dutch french braid style. When you get to around your ear stop adding hair and continue doing the braid down the rest of your hair. Secure it with an elastic.

3. Pull the braid apart like crazy to make it as thick as possible. If it is slipping out you could try using some dry shampoo before you braid it or hairspray afterwards :)

4. Secure the rest of your hair into a messy bun and then wrap the braid around the elastic and incorporate it into the bun with another elastic! Pull out any face framing pieces and you are donezo!


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Braids   lace up Braids

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Happy Friday everyone! Another case of stealing Charlie’s shirt! Hahah – I can’t get enough of it.. I sometimes think of just getting clothes in a bigger size but this way we have the double wardrobe thing going :) I also want to say how much I always forget how good this braid is. I am always thinking how I need to come up with a new braid or something cool to do, but this classic is by far one of my faves.. And it is definitely one of those braids that looks soooo much better when you pull it apart. My hair is not as impressive without doing that (hence why I restate it 50 million times in all of my tutorials! The tutorial for it is so cringeworthy now so I can’t bring myself to rewatch it….)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Crazy curls tutorial

Curly hair tutorial Crazy curl tutorial


Here is what I do if I want REALLY curly hair – the best part is that because I wash my hair every 5 days the curls last until I wash it again! In my humble opinion, you can curl your hair whichever way you please as long as you are using a small curling wand and take pretty small pieces, but the magic happens when you pull the curls apart. I literally could do it for thirty minutes and still want to keep running my hands through it! With any curl I do I think running your fingers through the curls make them look wayyy more natural – and this one we want to have even more volume than just a beachy wave so don’t be afraid to whip your  hair back and forth (maybe even brush it…. EK my mom used to tell us to do that when we curled our hair and I made fun of her for it… It might work for this one though!) and really tease it up at the roots.

Hope you guys enjoyed :)



Double braid ponytail Patchwork denim Good vibes only Vintage style Vice denim Spring style Vintage style Vice denim double braided pony Double braided ponytail Vice denim


It’s Thursday which means it’s the day before Friday which means yay! How was everyone’s Easter weekends? Charlie and I started a “tradition” a few years ago with my family where we always surprise each other with a visit – like my sister showed up on my birthday and knocked on our apartment door and of course I was flustered because who would be knocking at like 10pm but I got over that fast when I saw her cute little face through the peep hole! So we decided to surprise my family for Easter – I even dressed up in my pink bunny onesie with accompanying bunny ears and hopped into the house.. Pretty sure that was a sight for sore eyes…..

These jeans from Revice are for real like my second skin at the moment. They are the comfiest denim I have ever worn – think the perfect amount of stretch and a super smooth feeling. And I love how each of their pieces (including the shirt) have such a lived in vintage vibe. Good vibes only, am I right? ;)

XO, k

Braided Ponytail Tutorial

Braided Ponytail Tutorial Braided Ponytail Tutorial Braided Ponytail Tutorial


Hey loves! Here is a braided ponytail tutorial that is such a cute spring/summer style! I would totally wear this to festivals where I don’t want my hair to be down and in my face – now I just need to get myself to a festival ;)

1 . Do a deep side part. Take a small piece of hair from near hairline and start doing a dutch braid – crossing the left outside piece under the middle piece and then the right piece under the middle.

2 . Next time you cross the left piece under add a piece of hair from the rest of your hair to it, making it a french braid. Because this style is kinda like a mohawk (although I did mine slightly to the side) you are only going to want to add hair that is on the top of your head – I did from my temples back to the crown of my head.

3 . Once you get to the crown, stop adding pieces and just do a regular dutch braid (outsides under the middle) until you get about 3/4 to all the way down your hair.

4 . Secure the braid with a small clear (or black if you have dark hair) elastic and pull the braid apart so it makes it appear thicker. When I pull apart the top pieces that are obviously much thinner to begin with I rub my fingers on it to tease it a little and make it look thicker :)

5 . Pull all of your hair up into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Wrap a small piece of hair from your ponytail around the elastic to hide it and then secure the piece with a bobby pin.

6 . Scrunch up your ponytail to add some volume near the elastic, pull out any face framing pieces that you like, and pull apart any pieces from the braid that have lost thickness.

That is it! I think this would look super cute with short hair too – just start with smaller pieces at the beginning and don’t pull the braid apart as much!

Hope you like it :)

XO, k