Chain braid tutorial

For some reason I’m just obsessed with ponytail braids right now. Every time I want to do my hair, my hands just start with a ponytail… I had done this chain rope braid years ago and I forgot how cute it really was. I did it again and it fell back in love. I know for sure that I will be doing this for the holidays, it really is so quick but has such a spectacular pay off.

Chain Rope Braid Tutorial | Kirsten Zellers

Hi sweet people! Today’s hair tutorial is for this chain/rope braid – not totally sure what it’s called but I actually did this hairstyle years ago and forgot about it completely until a few weeks back when I fell back in love.

It is kind of tricky at first to understand how the hands have to move, but once you do it a couple times you really get in the hang of it. The trick that I find very helpful is to think of each of the four sections as an X, then you can across the top right in the bottom left in the top left in the bottom right and that is one rotation.

The best part about this braid is that you can do it as many times with as many rotations as you want – do it multiple times for a long braid or just do the chain twice and have a short bread with a lot of hair at the bottom. Either way, you can pull it apart to make it look bubbly and with so much volume – just what I always want.

Let me know what you think and tag me on Instagram if you try it yourself!


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