2 Ponytail Pull Through Braids & Tutorial

Hi there! Here’s another tutorial for a ponytail braid because I just can’t get enough of them apparently.. But this time I show you two different ways to incorporate pull through braids into your ponys. I love how bubbly and playful the first one can be while also being such a statement braid. And the second is a twist on the classic french braid, but it will always stay in.

I am also excited with how perfect the second style would look on short hair! I swear every time I see a bob on pinterest these days I get the itch to go short.. I mean how chic is Lucy Boynton here (hello girl crush after seeing Bohemian Rhapsody last night) I just don’t think I could ever pull the trigger on that one.. So I’ll just keep loving all the bobs from afar.

two pull through ponytails

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