Easy Romantic Braid Tutorial

How to: diy easy romantic braid

I am so excited to show you guys my new favorite braid, and it doesn’t hurt that you don’t need to know anything special and you can do it in about one minute! And the best part is that there is so many different possibilities. AND it is so so so perfect for an upcoming Valentine’s date with that special someone or with a carton of Ben and Jerry’s! Both sound fabulous to me :) So without further ado (do people actually say that anymore?..), here are the steps for what I like to call the romantic braid.

1. Make a deep side part and spray your roots with dry shampoo. This will help give volume throughout the night.

2. Section off the top portion of you hair. This can be as small or large as you want, but try to make sure you get some of your longer pieces if you have layers.

3. Put this section to the side and do a normal three strand braid on the underneath hair.

4. Pull your braid apart like it is going out of style. No really, this super messy almost falling out look makes this kind of braid work.

5. Take that top piece of hair back over and section it into two. If you have more hair here, you can section it into three or even four different pieces. The more you have the more twisted the braid will look.

6. Lace one of the pieces through your braid. You should pull it through the top part of the braid first so it looks like part of the normal braid and then loop it around and pull through the underneath braid. The crazier you are with this the better it will look!

7. Do the same with the second (and third etc. if you have them)

8. Pull on these pieces and the braid so that it looks thicker!

I can’t wait to experiment even more with this braid. There are so many possibilities!

XO, k


    • Kirsten
      January 14, 2015 / 11:02 am

      Thank you Jessica! It is my new go-to! XO :)

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