How to pull apart your braids

Tutorial on how to pull apart your normal three strand braidThree strand pull apart braid tutorialHow to pull apart your braid to make it look thicker!



I love braids of all shapes but when it comes to size, I always end up thinking the bigger the better!… So I pull apart all of my braids, whether they are fishtails or dutch braids, tiny or big. And when I am in a rush or just not into doing anything detailed with my hair (which is often..), I always just do the signature three strand regular braid and pull it apart so my hair looks thick and full! Above are three of my recent insta photos where I wore the look. It is such an fun trick but really hard to describe, so I put together a little thirty second video showing you how I do it!

Watch it below and let me know what you think. I love hearing from you guys!

XO, k!