DIY Seashell Hair Clips


If you follow me on instagram, you have seen that I have a pretty obvious obsession with the hair clip lately, and when I saw all the seashell hair clips floating around I knew it was a match made in my mermaid heaven. I had a bunch of seashells collected from over the years and decided to try to whip up some of my own.

We had actually drilled holes in these years ago because I was going to make a necklace with it (didn’t turn out very cute..)

but it gave me the perfect idea for the EASIEST seashell clips ever. These hair pins fit perfectly in the holes, and then you can just stick them into your braid or bun and accessorize that way. I also found on Etsy a lot of other kinds of seashells that are predrilled for you – so that would be super easy to get a mixed bag of seashells from here.

I also used some jewelry glue and glued some of the smaller shells and longer conch shells to regular bobby pins, which is nice because they stay in place in your hair better than the bun pins. Either way each on their own or a mix of both are a really fun way to accessorize your hair this summer.

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