Low Messy Bun Tutorial & How to Style It

This hairstyle is definitely one of the easier ones that I’ve done.. Really you could get away with doing this technique with just one elastic (but I use a few bobby pins too just to make sure it stays put). I also love that you can do it with just about every length and thickness of hair – If you have shorter hair, make the bun smaller at first and wrap the ends around the elastic the same way. The pull at the bun to fan it out and make it appear thicker!

  1. Pull hair into ponytail – in the video I used a separate elastic to pull it into a low ponytail just to add extra security but that’s totally not necessary. When you start to do the bun, pull your hair through the elastic once (or twice depending on the thickness of your hair) and on your last past through the elastic leave a little bun.
  2. Take the tail of your hair and twist it around the elastic and then loop the end through your ponytail elastic.
  3. Add bobby pins to hide the elastic and make sure the bun looks exactly like you want it to. I like a messier bun, but you could make it look really sleek and use bobby pins to keep that in place. I just like to use this spiral bun pin – it is seriously so handy to keep ALL bun styles in place.
  4. Enjoy your hairstyle! I like to style it with a wide brimmed hat but I also show you how to incorporate a bandana into it – super easy! Just take a small handkerchief size bandana and loop it through the elastic and tie it off! Adds a bit of color and spunk without really trying at all.. Minimal effort for the win!

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