Nine ways to wear a headscarf tutorial


And an extra video post this week? Who am I?! I have been wanting to do this one for a while because I love learning new ways to wear headscarfs! And I was originally going to do ten different ways, but my camera cut out before the last one (one of my favorites!…..) and I didn’t realize it so I didn’t refilm it :( but as Charlie assured me, NINE IS FINE :) So here are nine of my new favorite ways to wear a headscarf!

Which is your favorite? I am especially fond of the first top knot (because it is so easy) and the bows!

My gorgeous leopard headscarf is from the fall collection for I Wear the Headress and I am dying for everything in it!

Also, the song Dream Love that I used in this video is by the amazingly talented Megan Joy (who I have been obsessed with for years!). So you guys absolutely need to check her out too (instagram and youtube)!

Hope you guys liked this little extra treat and TGIF!

XO, k

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Nine ways to wear a head scarf