DIY Braided Keychain

Something a little different today! Still braiding, this time just a keychain. I got a pack of these clip keychains a few years back and made myself a keychain, and my favorite thing is that once I get sick of it I can just unclip it and make a new one! I was in the mood for something new and figured this was one of the easier ones to do (and fitting since braids take over my life..) I shot a super quick little tutorial vid for you guys 

1. Cut about thirty pieces of string to the length you want. I did this by wrapping it around an old shoe box cover and cutting at the ends. This was easy, but I made them wayyy longer than I needed because I wasn’t sure (problem with doing a diy for the first time while filming..) you will be folding them in half so mine measured about 12 inches – so when folded in half about six. I cut it so the keychain measures 4 inches so if you want a similar size cut them to be 8 inches long.

2. Take your string and loop it through the keychain so the ends are now the same length on both sides. 

3. Separate the string into three equal sections, trying to partition them equally from the front and back. 

4. Start braiding (left section over middle, right over middle, left over middle). Once you like the length of the keychain take a separate piece of string to tie off the keychain

5. I used a different thinner string for this, but you could use the same as you used for the braid. To make a tassel, make a loop with your thread. Put the loop flat against your braid and start wrapping the long end over the loop and around the braid.

6. Once it is secure, cut the string you are winding around and put the end through the loop.

7. Take both ends of this string and pull tight to knot this section and secure it in place.

8. I decided about a week later to do this same technique at the top of the keychain, but that is totally optional! I just liked the look of the braid being tied at the top and bottom of the keychain!


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