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I always can tell what my mood for the month was based on what I’ve pinned.. and apparently I’ve been craving warm colors and sunshine and a good tan?

I have always been interested in interiors and design but really dove into the different styles that I am drawn to this month. I think it is so fun to look back at the beginning of my pin boards (or my fashion and interior style right here on this blog!) and see how much my taste has changed, and I’m sure it will keep evolving. But I like to think that right now I starting to become more drawn to timeless pieces, and not just following the current trend report. This month I have tried to define my interior style and think it currently leans towards a Japanese aesthetic and concept called wabi – sabi

In terms of interiors, it means incorporating more organic, natural materials and textiles and trying (and I mean trying because this one is hard for me..) to have a more minimalist existence. I love having an uncluttered space, it just makes my mind at ease, but I also tend to be a bit of a tornado..

And for that matter, I could use a little more of the embracing the imperfect in life in general. I know in the world of social media it’s easy to compare and feel like everyone else is perfect other than you, but it is important to remember that you only see a sliver of other people’s lives. So embrace who you are, because you are the only you and you will never regret just being yourself.

credit: Kercia Jane

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