Falling in love with Niagara Falls

Fishtail Black crochet dress lace hem Wrap around fishtail braid Black crochet dress Black crochet dress Prism sunnies Niagara Falls   Wrap around fishtail braid


When we were in Buffalo a couple weekends ago we went to Niagara Falls! Charlie and I went when we first started dating so it’s been a while and it was just as amazing this time around! We didn’t go down on the boat this time but I loved it so much when we did it the first time. And I don’t know about you but it always reminds me of Jim and Pam’s wedding episode from the Office! So cute. The Office is Charlie and my all time favorite show (I’m talking Char can quote pretty much every episode) so we were huge softies when we were on it. I’m talking lots of mental pictures ;)

I gotta tell you the truth on this outfit though. If we were going and not taking pictures I probably would not have looked this cute BUT we were so I wore heels and a dress.. I know, total loser but it was actually fine because this dress is so comfy because it is crochet (think of a real life body glove.. not too shabby!) but I ended up taking my shoes off and walking around barefoot. I only got a couple weird looks so nothing out of the ordinary!

Charlie and I must have gotten sick there though :( Last week I had a sore throat and was being a baby about it (because why not?!) and then Charlie was telling everyone that he would never get sick if it weren’t for me! Well then he got stuffy and miserable and I didn’t so I figured that I was just on the mend. But yesterday my nose got all stuffed up and now I am the miserable one…… SO moral of the story is he got me sick but I was just way wimpier and more of a complainer to begin with.. Oh well, someone’s gotta be the baby (but seriously, don’t put me in the corner)!

We can’t wait to have a relaxing weekend! What are you guys up to?

XO, k

Twisted three strand braid for shorter hair

Twisted three strand braid for short hair| Kirsten Zellers

my youtube channel

Hey guys! I did a video for one of my go to hairstyles, a twisted three strand braid, a while ago (seen here) and discovered a new way to do it that I think will be easier for shorter haired girls!

I know it is a style that I have worn before and done a tutorial for (not to mention I did a twisted braid last week too!), but I am actually sick right now and had this already filmed so don’t hate me! I will have a new style for next week! :)

XO, k


Floral, Stripes, and a Puppy

DVF Tunic DVF Tunic DVF printed dressDVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress

^not staged, just gazing into each others eyes as usual..

DVF printed dress

^fallout shelter?? Charlie made a point to keep it in the pictures..

DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress DVF printed dress


Last weekend we went to Buffalo to visit Charlie’s family and surprise his dad for his birthday!! It was so much fun and the chilly fall weather rolled right in! I think that every time I go to Buffalo it turns cold and I expect that when I walk out the door it will be snowing.. But I love it! It really is such a pretty city and it’s much better to see it without my sunglasses slipping down my nose from sweat…

And now I can wear things with long sleeves! This dress is everything because the pattern is so pretty but it’s really loose tunic which makes it perfect for that second helping of ice cream ;) Nelly is seriously the cutest little thing ever. I mean look at her face! She is and will always be my number one accessory because tan goes with everything :)

Hope you guys have wonderful day!

XO, k

Twisted french braid tutorial

Tutorial Tuesday! This week I am showing you how to do this twisted french braid that is actually not a braid at all but that’s okay because I loooove it :) It is actually pretty easy (and not very hard to mess up) once you realize the main principle behind doing it!

1. Start by taking the piece of hair at the crown of your head and split it in two.

2. Twist these pieces both to the right and the join them together.

3. Split the right piece in half and the left piece in half and join the top pieces together and the bottom pieces together.

4. Now add more hair to each side (making it a french braid) and twist it again. You can do this so that they are twisted towards each other, to the left, to the right, or away from each other. I like to alternate between all of them so it looks messier and more undone.

5. Continue doing this all the way down, adding pieces and twisting and separating in two and joining together :)

6. Once you have added all the hair from the sides, just continue to split and join and twist until you are all the way down.

7. Pull at your twists so that it looks messy and really twisted and knotted!

8. You are done! YAY! Hope this makes sense and if it doesn’t you can always comment or email me your questions and I will answer them! And remember to tag #kokayhair on instagram if you recreate any of my styles :)

XO, k

Graffiti wall

Neutral fall outfit three strand braidFall neutrals Neutral fall outfit nyc grafitti Neutral fall outfit Neutral fall outfit three strand braid Fall neutrals Fall neutrals Neutral fall outfit Fall neutrals


I am such a sucker for a good graffiti wall.. and when I saw a three for one I ran. Well not literally, but these shoes did give me blisters so I’m a little bit hardcore.. I must have boney feet though because no matter how comfy the shoe is, I always end up getting blisters. Luckily I was sent this pain reliever stuff called sole serum that actually helped tons the next day with my aching feet! This week has felt like it should already be Saturday but quite possibly Monday still too.. How does that happen?! Charlie and I have a full weekend ahead so I must just be excited and ready to get it rolling!

I was really excited to wear this dress because who doesn’t want to look fancier than you feel? It is the comfiest jersey fabric (think a really soft t-shirt) but it’s maxi length and slits make it look like you actually tried.. My favorite kind of outfit ;)

XO, k