Mini dress and trench coat Halo braids Mini dress and trench coat Mini dress and trench coat Halo braids


Happy Thursday! I think it is going to be such a nice weekend ahead so I am looking forward to doing things outdoors! We live a few minutes from the beach so I am excited for the weather to turn so I can actually start enjoying that! Nelly (my over instagrammed puppy love) is obsessed with the beach and playing with sand balls so I am sure that will be in our future.. What are you guys doing in the spring weather? I am always a sucker for a good picnic or something :)

XO, k

Organic oils with Malaya Organics

Malaya organics oils and bath salts

Malaya organics lip savior

Malaya organics hair oil Malaya organics hair oil Malaya organics oils Malaya body oils Malaya organics bath salts Malaya organics products

Body Oils | Face Serum | Bath Salts | Lip Savior | Hair Oil

So it’s finally feeling like spring around here, which means I am eventually going to have to bare my legs and feet for the world to see.. And I knew I needed something serious to combat my dry winter body. Needless to say I was sooo excited when Katya from Malaya organics  (insta here) reached out to me. I had never used organic oils before on my skin, but I might just be a convert. They go on smooth, but immediately soak into the skin and leave it feeling so supple.

My favorites had to be the lavender chapstick and the hair oil. I am a sucker for chapstick and lavender is one of those scents that I could smell all day and never get sick of, so combine the two and it feels like a breath of fresh air every time I put it on. And of course I loved the hair oil. If you haven’t noticed, a few weeks ago I went even blonder! I bleached my hair for the first time and while my hair is pretty resilient, I have been seeing some dryness and breakage on the ends. This hair oil has helped to keep my ends feeling less brittle and you can’t beat the smell. Each of the Malaya products uses natural essences to create a subtle aroma-therapy feeling! And how much better does it make you feel to know that everything is completely natural and handmade so you know exactly every ingredient you are putting on your skin.

Hope you enjoyed this post! It was a little bit different than my normal tutorial post of the week, but I just had to share with you guys these new products!

XO, k


Eyelash Lace

Forever 21 Eyelash lace dress Forever 21 Eyelash lace dress Forever 21 Eyelash lace dress Forever 21 Eyelash lace dress Forever 21 Eyelash lace dress Forever 21 Eyelash lace dress Forever 21 Eyelash lace dress Forever 21 Eyelash lace dress


Happy Thursday guys!! It is almost the weekend. YAY!

This dress is seriously everything. It feels like I am wearing a nice cozy sweater but with the prettiest lace detail. I can’t take full credit for this amazing find, though. Emily from Lovely Luciano (and killer instagram here, seriously you have to follow her because I die over every one of her outfits) wore the white version in a post a while back and I instantly felt that I neeeeeded it. A lot of times I see something and think oh I love that I really want it, just to let it sit in my cart for weeks without ever actually buying it. But with this one I instantly went onto the Forever21 website looking for it. And it was sold out :( So to the store I went and they had one left… ONE! And I snatched that right up!

I decided to dress it down with a hat and sunnies, but couldn’t help but wear these adorbs heels I got from Windsor Store! I am so upset that I can’t find them online now, but it looks like they put a ton more styles up that are so cute.

Have a lovely weekend!

XO, k

Half braided ponytail tutorial

Half braided ponytail tutorial

I saw this style on Pinterest a while back and tried it out and it was one of the easiest styles while still being a bit different than just a normal braid. I love it for first day hair when it is a little flat and not wanting to cooperate..

This one barely even needs a step by step, but follow below!

1. Pull you hair into a pony and secure with an elastic. I created mine so it was directly in the back of my head, but wear it on whatever part of your head you think suits you best :)

2. Take a small part of your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic. Secure this with a bobby pin.

3. Create a three strand braid in your pony tail and secure it with a clear elastic.

4. Pull at the braid so that it looks thicker.

XO, k

Cozy Culottes



These culottes were new to me about a year ago, but they were lovingly found from the thrift store so who actually knows when they are from. When I first saw them I was unsure if I like culottes, but my grandmother swore that she used to wear them all the time and she loved them. And if there is one thing I have learned, it’s that when in doubt you follow your grandmother’s fashion advice because somehow everything she thought was stylish will come back around. Culottes are definitely not the exception here! They have been super popular and I have seen them everywhere. And I definitely am going to be picking up another pair (or two or three…). I listed some of my favorites right now above, so check them out :)

I am heading up to New Hampshire for the weekend for Easter and I am so excited to be home but they still have so much snow!! I am down here trying to break out all my summer clothes and sandals and I will probs end up having to pack fur and boots! JK… But really who ever knows with this New England weather!

Hope you all have an amazing Easter filled with family, friends, and lots and lots of peeps!

XO, k