Birthday Giveaway!


Hi loves! Today I am so excited to share this awesome giveaway with you! It is the first time I have been a part of a giveaway (jumping up and down right now!) and what a better occasion than to celebrate the absolutely beautiful and talented Kristen from Wild One Forever! It is her birthday and, I may be biased, but I think that March babies are always the best ;)

And we are not only giving away one thing, but EIGHT different prizes! There will be 8 different winners. One for each gift. The giveaway will run from today (March 27th) until midnight of next Friday, April 3. We will announce winners the following Monday. You must be a U.S. resident. Just complete the easy steps in the rafflecopter below and remember, the more steps you complete, the more opportunities you have to win!

Now for a list of the prizes!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Metropolitote from What’s Hot Boutique

Metropolitan Straw Tote

$150 Anthropologie Giftcard


$100 Tai Pan Trading Giftcard


$100 Bella Ella Boutique Giftcard


$75 Giftcard to Candy Strand Swimwear

These suits are reversible, adjustable, and can be worn multiple ways! Loving their fun prints!!!

Candy Strand Swimwear

Item of Choice from Pink Blush

No restrictions! Pick any item from Pink Blush or Pink Blush Maternity!


$50 Giftcard to Aro & Co


$50 Giftcard to Beverly’s Swimwear

Vintage inspired customizable swimsuits that give you the perfect fit!


Host: Wild One Forever Wild One Forever - LaceSquare

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Looks for Lovelies

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Denim and fur

Denim jacket and fur collar Denim jacket and fur collar Denim jacket and fur collar Denim jacket and fur collar


When I took these photos last week it was sunny all day long and it deceived me into thinking that it was actually spring.. And then I went outside and it was freezing. So basically I was worried that all my fur was going to have to get tucked away in the back of the closet but I can keep it out. That’s what we call looking on the bright side people!

Happy Thursday! :)

XO, k

Fishtail braid tutorial

Here is another short little video from my youtube channel on how to do one of my favorite braids! I am just starting to get into this whole videoing thing, and although it took me like way longer than I would like to admit to get this video to work, it’s up… So watch it and let me know what you think :) A few years ago I couldn’t do a fishtail braid on my own hair, and then I figured out a little trick that made it soo much easier. The trick is to not look in the mirror! It sounds so goofy but when you are first learning to do it I found that it was easier to do it by feel rather than your reflection.

Start by splitting your hair into two sections. From this you will take a small piece from the outside of the right side and cross it over to join the left side. Then you take a piece from the outside of the left and join it to the right. You continue alternating until you are all the way to the bottom. The smaller the pieces the more intricate it will look, and the bigger the more messy. Once you are done, secure with an elastic. If you want to pull it apart (which I do to my fishtails everytime.. sometimes too much to the point where they are falling apart), it is easiest to pull from the inner part of the braid. They say to start from the top of your braid, but when your hair is as long as mine you have to loosen the bottom first.

Hope you enjoyed!

XO, k

School girl

Tied button down and polka dot dressTied button down and polka dot dressTied button down and polka dot dress black and white Tied button down and polka dot dressTied button down and polka dot dress


Growing up I always had a school uniform. First it was maroon plaid and a boys tie and vest, then it turned to polo shirts and more plaid (but this time the skirts were shorter/we rolled them.. a lot). I loved having a uniform because it meant I could roll out of bed thirty minutes before I needed to get to school and not have to worry about what to wear, but it also meant that I didn’t ever really have time to play around with different styles and learn what I really liked. And even though I am long past my days in plaid, I think I am still just a mishmash of different styles and eras that I love and want to emulate. And I don’t mind it :)

This look is so classic with the black and white and button down shirt (another staple of my uniform). I also love midi skirts. This one is actually a dress that I layered over, which is great for these spring days that I am ever so (not) subtly praying for.. And PS – this braid is such a showstopper. Check out Amber from Barefoot Blonde‘s tutorial here!

XO, k

Three Braid Crown Braid Tutorial

Crown braid tutorial


Crown braids always make me happy. They are one of my recent go-to’s because of how easy they are and no matter what kind of hair day you are having (frizzy, greasy, boring) they look good. So instead of doing my normal three strand or fishtail, I decided to do three different braids each a different size. To do this:

1. Part hair down the middle. Section one half into two more sections, one a bit larger than the other, leaving out any pieces you want unbraided. Braid these sections normally, with the side with two braids going towards your forehead, and the side with one going towards your neck. Pull them apart to the thickness you like.

2. Pin the medium braid over the top of your head.

3. Pin the largest braid around the back of your head and tuck the end under.

4. Pin the smallest braid in the front!

That is it! Simple but a super cute spin on the normal milkmaid braids.

BTW, update on my hair: We took these photos right before I redyed my hair and thanks to Christine from Moxie Fashion Blog (whose hair is so dreamy), it turned out sooo amazingly! I bleached it and then toned it with Wella Toner in T18 and am soooo obsessed with the results! Check out my instagram to see how it looks!

Hope you enjoyed! And Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

XO, k