White lace

Summery white lace dress Summery white lace dress Summery white lace dressSummery white lace dress Summery white lace dress Summery white lace dress Summery white lace dress  


I don’t know if you guys have noticed but recently I have been drawn to all white everything. Maybe it is because of my hair, but I just loooove the clean and simple way that white clothes look especially in summer when you have a nice fresh tan and you’re feeling good about yourself ;) I made a promise to myself that I was going to try to wear more sunscreen this year so I have started using self tanner after my go to beauty guru Cara from Maskcara suggested this Tanwise one… I am still getting the hang of it (like getting the middle of my back.. seriously I thought I had long arms but gosh darn it, that stubborn spot in the middle of my back just wants to stay pale!) but I actually love the results! And I am sure my skin will thank me in a few years. Or at least I hope so!

Anyways, now that I am a shade darker I am dying over white lace that lets my tan peak through. If you are as into this dress as me, you can get 25% off anything at Flourish Boutique with code “kokay”!

XO, k


Mixed Milkmaid Braid Tutorial


Here is another video tutorial! This time I did this mixed milkmaid braid that I posted a photo on instagram of a couple weeks ago! It is really just my go to way to do milkmaid braids but instead of doing two three strand braids or two fishtails I switched it up and did one of both! I know… I am sooo crazy ;) Hope you like it and if you have any questions please ask!!

XO, k

  mixed milkmaid braid video tutorial

Naughty monkey

jean on jean Naughty monkey sandals and Loro Piana handbag Naughty monkey sandals and Loro Piana handbag jean on jean Naughty monkey sandals and Loro Piana handbag jean on jean jean on jean jean on jean firstgif


We went to Buffalo this weekend to visit Charlie’s family and it was such perfect weather! Like mid-eighties and not a cloud in the sky.. What happened to spring?! I can’t complain though. We went to this beautiful little Japanese garden and there was a gorgeous marble building surrounded with pink cherry blossoms and I was in heaven. Is there anything better than it raining pink petals? We decided to go back and take pictures there and I wore this denim on denim look with these fabulous Naughty Monkey sandals (and how much do you love that name!). Aside from the occasional heel, I usually live in flat sandals during the summer and looove these because they dress up jeans and a tshirt or pair perfectly with a fancier dress for a night out. I just love the contrast of the black embellished straps with the white denim here! Plus I have a discount code for you guys! Enter kokay at checkout to get 15% off of all orders over 70$ :) And as for this top… I made it from the flared part of an old pair of jeans! I just sewed two of them together and added a clasp at the bottom to wrap it, buuuuut I forgot to put a snap over my chest and needless to say I think some picnic-ers got a little more than they bargained for. I heard music and couldn’t help but dance!! You can’t take me anywhere……

PS these jeans are on sale right now for $17 which is crazy amazing because they are my favorite jeans for the spring and summer!

XO, k

Twisted Three Strand Braid tutorial

I made my first step by step slowed down youtube vid! Hooray!! I posted this photo on instagram a little while back and people were so curious as to how I did it so I figured I would make a video to show you! It really is so easy and only takes like three minutes but I decided to do a more step by step tutorial video instead of those sped up ones! I hope you guys like it! Let me know :)

1. Spray roots with dry shampoo.

2. Take three sections of hair (usually try to get the longest pieces) and separate them from the rest of your hair.

3. With the remaining hair do a three strand braid and pull it apart.

4. Now wrap the three sections of hair around the braid one at a time, alternating directions. I try to pull the pieces through at the top so that it looks like part of the braid. When they get to the end secure it with a bobby pin or elastic.

5. Pull at these twists to give a bit of volume, but not so much that they fall out.

XO, k

Twisted three strand braid

White tunic

White linen dress and sunhat White linen dress and sunhat White linen dress and sunhat White linen dress and sunhat White linen dress and sunhat White and leather for a spring combo White linen dress and sunhat


There is nothing that says warm weather to me more than white linen and a sun hat. I just love it! This dress is super old and I used to wear it over a bathing suit, but when I wear a white slip under it I think it is cute for a day out. I love the simplicity of it and once you get a little tan going the white is perrrrfect. I am totally crushing on this free people tunic but in reality when do I not have my eye on something from Free People..

XO, k