A Blue Picnic

Snuggle bugsTurquoise ring Picnic Hooray! Picnic setting Tie die matching setberries

^ Look at her little tongue! No Nelly, that’s not your ball!

a blue picnic Doggy

^ Seriously Nel?

Picnic Tie die matching setTie die matching set Tie die matching set

^ Going in for the kissing kill!

Tie die matching set berries shoes

^ Is seeing a four leaf clover in a pic the same as in real life? If so, I’ll keep looking!

Naughty monkey sandals Tie die matching set

^ Photobomber

Champagne Tie die matching set picnic Pink flowers


For some reason it took me forever to get this post out. I sat down at my computer and started to look through the photos, which was a hard task because I loved so many of them that I couldn’t just chose a couple (sorry for the overload!), but then got side tracked on to a trillion different things. The internet always tricks me into getting temporary ADD. Actually, it’s more like Pinterest. If I go on there, you will lose me for hours.. But it’s not a waste when it’s brings you inspiration and happiness?

Last weekend Char and I went for a little picnic and it was like a dream. I am obsessed with all the blue, which I didn’t even realize would be quite so much before we went (I am not THAT organized).. I mean even the fruit is blue! I can’t complain though. Cool colors are just so cool ;) (wow creative….) I was also super pumped to use this little tote because, if you know me, you know two of my favorite things in this world are flowers and champs. The best ever.

And while we were there Nelly literally attracted like every dog  in the park. I don’t blame them because she is so cute, but she is not very keen on other dogs. She is more of a people dog :) And I went to grab her as one was running over and totally spilled a glass of water all over myself (because I am so graceful….) So half of these photos are taken with a totally wet bottom half. The whole day made me very happy though so maybe I should wet my pants more often..

XO, k



Summer set

Matching set and headscarfMatching set and headscarfMatching set and headscarfMatching set and headscarfMatching set and headscarf Matching set and headscarf Matching set and headscarf Matching set and headscarfMatching set and headscarf Matching set and headscarf Matching set and headscarf Matching set and headscarf Boho headscarf and turqouise


I picture myself wearing this on a tropical beach with dolphins jumping and there being the prettiest of sunsets or something, but I’ll just hang out on the good old Long Island sound and close my eyes and envision that! Because the sound of waves and the feeling of the warm sun is the same everywhere right?!

I have a major lace problem. White lace, crochet tops, it doesn’t matter to me I just want it all. But I guess there could be worse things….. (or that’s what I’ll keep telling myself)

PS sorry for the headscarf repeat. I actually pretty much want to wear it every day so….. I’m gonna wear it every day. It’s a thing now. I’m turning into the head wrap girl and I am so okay with it.

Have a good weekend!

XO, k

Half up crown braid tutorial


Here is a tutorial for a half up crown braid! I had someone ask me how to do this one from an instagram shot I did a while ago so I thought it would be the perfect hairstyle to do this week!

This crown braid is actually really easy if you already have the hang of dutch braiding down. I did a separate tutorial for how to do this so check that one out before if you are new to braiding or just need a refresher (nothing wrong with that!!). And remember to practice practice practice! I definitely did not get this on the first try so don’t get defeated if you don’t either!

And don’t forget, I am uploading a new tutorial for you guys every Tuesday, so make sure to subscribe to my channel!

XO, k

Printed Sunrise


Sunrise and braids OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARory Beca dress from Revolve Clothing Rory Beca dress Dutch Braid Babe watch Sunrise Rory Beca dress and a Dutch Braid Rory Beca Dress Rory Beca Dress Dutch Braid Dutch braids dutch braids Rory Beca Dress


So we woke up at literally the crack of dawn to take photos on the beach because I have always wanted sunrise photos but am NOT a morning person.. But I did it. Aren’t you proud?! And I woke up thinking it would be hot and steamy out (sounds like a bad romance novel) and it turned out to be sixty degrees out so don’t mind my goosebumps.

As you may have noticed, I have had a slight (aka big) shift in my wardrobe choices as of late. I am always wearing white or black or some sort of muted pastel. I think it is because I love the way they look with my hair, but sometimes I feel like I just need to get out of that rut.. Another thing is that I have also been obsessed with palm/tropical print but green is definitely one of those colors that either looks amazing on you or horrid. I am definitely the latter. This dress is such a dream because it combines everything I love so I don’t even have to step outside my new comfort zone! My kinda deal ;)

Hope you guys have a good weekend! I’m going to go to sleep now.. (JK. kinda….)

XO, k