Knotted Crown Braid Tutorial


Hi loves! The other day I wanted to do a crown braid but couldn’t really be bothered.. This is the result! A quick way to get your hair up completely (which I love to do in the winter!) without even having to know how to braid :)

BTW my amazing friend Missy Sue just wrote a BOOK where she created a twisted french braid (as seen on my instagram here) that is so lovely and the inspiration for this knotted look! I remember when I was younger that my mom always had braiding books lying around the house and it was so fun to look through and find my favorite styles and recreate them.


Sassy pants

All blackLeather leggingsAll blackFuzzy coat OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Carbon38 athletic wear All black Shag jacket Carbon38 athletic wear Leather leggings Booties Carbon38 sports bra Fuzzy coat


I read a quote on pinterest the other day (which makes up like 70% of my pinterest, the other 30% is bikinis, pretty girls, flowers, and Santorini…. so basic) that said that in a long term relationship netflix and chill literally means netflix and chill. And it cracked me up because it is sooo true. Charlie and I are so tired on the week days that we end up just hanging out and relaxing at home, but I think it is always fun to do something a little more special on the weekends and go out!

When I am getting ready for a night out I want to look cute, but most of the time I end up grabbing something that is comfy.. Which is why leggings are a girl’s best friend (and they make your booty look good.. shhhh!) These ones from Carbon38 make me feel like I am actually wearing something fancy though with their shiny faux leather texture. And I am a big advocate of leggings as pants but usually wear something oversized, like a shag jacket, on top! And truth be told, I wear sports bras on the reg, but the back on this one has me wanting to skip the jacket all together! I kind of felt like a rockstar wearing this, so I might be guilty of being an outfit repeater for this one.. (although I might have to add a shirt once it starts snowing!..)

XO, k



*thanks to Carbon38 for sponsoring this post!

Messy Bun and Boho Braid | Two Minute Tutorial

Boho braided half up style Boho hairstyle tutorial

Hi loves! Todays tutorial is for this half up boho style that I wear allllll the time. It only takes two minutes (actually less….) to do but has such an effortlessly cool feel. What do you guys think?

Let me know if there are any styles that you want me to try out for the holidays!

XO, k

Eyebrow Tutorial

Eyebrow tutorial


I’ll be the first to admit it, my brows are SPARSE. But thank god for eyebrow filler! I wish I had thicker eyebrows now, but I guess when I was younger I thought it would be a good idea to put them in my own hands and pluck them… Bad idea! I actually stopped really doing anything to them a few years ago (except getting rid of a pesky hair or two here and there) and this is what they look like. So I guess I should count my blessings!

So I hope that you enjoyed my little tutorial on how I fill in my brows!

XO, k

Double Denim

Denim on denimDenim on denim Daniel Wellington watch Denim on denim Denim on denim Denim on denim Denim on denim Denim on denim Denim on denim


It’s finally Thursday! Hopefully you guys had a wonderful Halloween weekend! We didn’t really dress up as anything but I have realllly wanted to glitter my eyebrows (can I use glitter as a verb?) for a while and I finally did it (as evidenced here)! I just used eyelash glue and some silver glitter and then wore the purple lipstick that I tried on in this video. It was so much fun and I even got Charlie to let me glitter his eyebrows! I loved the way it looked on me but I gotta admit I loved it on him more… I think it was because the silver actually matched my hair but on him you could tell it was glitter (or maybe because my brows are little babies compared to his..) BUT I didn’t make him wear the purple lipstick ;) I kept saying I was going to do glitter eyebrows for every special occasion but wow it took some elbow grease to get the glue off the next day.. We took these on Sunday and I swear my brows were like plastered on..

I remember when I was little my sisters always used to make fun of denim on denim but guess what, I think I could live in denim from head to toe now (not Britney Spears style though..) The greyish color of my jacket might be my favorite color of denim though. I love the texture and it is actually surprisingly pretty warm?! I’ll take it for the rest of fall if it stays in the high 50′s (except for I could do without the dark at 4:30 thing..)

Love you all!

XO, k