You make me blush

Lashes Blush scarf LashesBlush scarf Blush scarf Blush scarf Blush scarf Blush scarf Lashes Blush scarf Blush scarf Lashes Blush scarf Lashes


This scarf is so perfectly big and cozy when it’s cold outside but I just could not be bothered to go outside this weekend. Soooo I figured just ditch the clothes for these photos and just take them inside. 

Although Nelly always wants to take the LONGEST walks when it’s the coldest out.. And I’m so bundled up that my own breath fogs up my sunglasses – not a cute look. I used to watch What Not to Wear all the time and they would watch the secret footage and be like EW that’s what she’s wearing to go to the grocery store?! Well that’s def what they would say about my dog walking outfit. It’s usually like the baggiest sweatpants and three layers of sweaters underneath my jacket (plus my scarf, hat, mittens, and boots..) I wanted to be on that show so bad even though I was like twelve so pretty sure they wouldn’t have picked me… I used to tell my mom we should just go get really horribly ugly clothes and then pretend they are our wardrobe. So basically my dream was to scam people into giving us a shopping spree………. Not sure I should have just admitted that…

XO, k

Mermaid makeup tutorial

Mermaid makeup tutorial mermaid makeup tutorial mermaid makeup tutorial


So I got these eyeshadows a couple weeks ago and was like omg they are beautiful but I have noooo idea what to do with them. I seriously had never worn any bright colors on my lids (heyyo bronze makeup everyday!) and was kinda overwhelmed because how was I going to make them look good?! So of course I watched a million makeup tutorials by Sam from Batalash Beauty (channel here – you won’t regret it..) and viola! On a side note, it seems like I end up having to google how to spell viola because I spell it WHA-LA first and just know it’s wrong. Words, ya know….

When I saw these colors together I knewww they were made for mermaid makeup. I wore it to Christmas and my cousin was like “oh your eyes look like a fish!”… Which I guess is what mermaids technically are but being a mermaid just sounds a lot better… I swear I could have been a mermaid in another life (minus the fact that my hair would never look the way that mermaids look in pictures – I’m pretty sure it would be one big dreadlock)

Hope you guys like it!

XO, k

mermaid makeup tutorial

It’s 2016!

Brown lipstickNeutral stylePuppy love

^I just can’t resist giving her kisses, which meant that she had a splotch of dark red lipstick on her head for the entire holiday season.. and so the adventure begins Neutral style Brown matte lipstick

^gerard cosmetics hydra matte lipstick in iced mocha (obsessed)

puppy snuggles Thigh high boots 90s brown lipstick Neutral style

^ we have tried to get this shot so many times.. maybe 2016 will bring the best hair flipping shot ever…

Rose gold details

^guess look at this belly (hers not mine..) – wayyy too cute

Neutral style Gerard cosmetics matte lipstickPuppy love

^this was genuine so I guess the phrase throwing your head back in laughter is real….

Neutral styleNeutral style Puppy love


Hi sweets! It’s 2016! I know I have been really bad about posting on here, especially since I was trying (attempting) to do more videos on my youtube during the month of December and I’ll let you in on a secret… It takes me forever to edit them. I am learning (slowly) how to get better at it but by the time that I am finished with uploading them I sometimes don’t feel like posting them here as well BUT I am going to try to change that this year! If you aren’t subscribed to my channel here it is if you want to catch up on what I’ve been doing a little!

This outfit was kinda on repeat during my holiday season.. I am not one to wear tons of red or green so I decided to just stick with whites and neutrals. Winter sucks for a lot of reasons, but one good thing about it is that you (maybe this is just me, tmi..) don’t have to shave my legs as much! But of course I wanted to wear this dress for Christmas but had already showered and NOT shaved my legs. Enter the thigh high boots….. Life savers I tell ya!

Have you all made your new years resolutions (and kept them for the past week)? I don’t think I’ve ever actually made a resolution that is one small thing, except drink more water which I always try to do and end up having to go to the bathroom every thirty minutes for a week & then get sick of it and give up. I swear people who actually drink enough water have a bladder of steel.. I would love to hear from you guys about what you would like to see on here this year! I love blogging and interacting with you, so any inspiration you all want to give is more than welcome :)

Enough rambling.. Let’s let the 2016 adventures begin!!

XO, k

Two topsy turvy ponytails

Hey guys! This week is a two-for tutorial! Two different crazy ponytails that are simple (I swear! Just try it first..) and two elastic bands!

Hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know if there are any holiday looks that you want me to try to recreate for next week!

XO, k

My Haircare Routine!

My haircare routine | Kirsten Zellers My haircare routine | Kirsten Zellers



I finally filmed my haircare routine!! This chatty video just tells a few of the products that I use to keep my hair the shade I want and as healthy looking as possible! Here is a quick rundown of what I said in the video, just in case you are in a public place and don’t have headphones handy ;)

Washing my hair: I only wash my hair every 4 or 5 days*! Sometimes this shocks people and it would have shocked me two years ago too.. I used to wash my hair every day and then started to read about how it is actually healthier to shampoo less frequently so that your natural oils can help to keep your hair strong and healthy so I switched to every other day and eventually got to the point where I can go five days before washing it again! On the fourth and fifth days it does tend to get a bit greasy, so I just usually use some dry shampoo (although sometimes that can make my hair feel brittle so I only do it if necessary!)

*I know what you are thinking, but I shower every day I promise!

Purple shampoo: This makes tons of difference in my hair color! I have been using the Clairol shimmer lights shampoo for a long time now (and not had to repurchase it yet – get the big bottle!) The reviews online when I bought it said that it smelled horrible and that it dried out their hair, but the smell does not bother me at all so I’m not sure what that’s about! I also don’t use it that often on the ends of my hair, so it doesn’t dry it out either. I use it on my scalp/roots and leave it on for 5ish minutes, and if my hair is feeling a bit yellow I will then put it on the rest of my hair and leave it on for a couple more minutes before rinsing it out and conditioning like normal.

I was using this every time/every other time I shampooed, but had forgotten to bring it in to the shower for a few weeks before making this video and remembered yesterday. When I was doing it every time I obviously didn’t know how much of a difference it was making, but now I am positive it does because it made my hair look tons more silver and ashy – exactly what I always want!

Let me know in the comments if there are any other purple shampoos that you swear by because I would love to try them out after I finish this big bottle!

Purple CC creme: I picked up this purple dessange cc cream after hearing Amanda Steele (who’s hair is everything!) talk about it and it is for sure helpful! If my hair is feeling especially brassy I will put it on my hair (usually on my roots as they are the most yellow!) and leave it on for 5-1o minutes and rinse out!

Hair mask: This bloke hair mask really helps to hydrate and restore my hair to its shiny, moisturized state! When I know I am going to shower the next day I put it on all of my hair (but mainly focusing on the ends that are most dry) and let it soak in until I shower like normal the next day!

Infusium B5 leave-in treatment: After I have showered, I towel dry my hair and squirt some of this on my hair to help to strengthen and detangle it! My hair naturally gets tangled SO easily so it is really helpful to use this.

Leave in conditioner: I use this when my hair is damp and needs a little bit more moisture! Leave in conditioners are really helpful for all hair types just to give your hair the hydration it needs, especially in the winter time when our hair turns to STRAW!

Oils: I use regular coconut oil from the grocery store (and only $6 at trader joe’s!) on my hair at night, but don’t over do it or it will definitely look greasy the next day! Just use a teaspoonish amount and focus on the ends that are the most dry! I also like to use this NuMe argan oil and the Coconut Revolution hair serum on my hair when it is dry to help give it some shine and life and also because neither of these make my hair feel overly greasy!

Brushes and elastics: I use a tangle teaser that is meant for wet or dry hair, as I have found that sometimes normal brushes are rough on your hair. I also like to brush my hair starting at the bottom and working my way up in sections so I don’t just pull at it from the top! I also use a scrunchie when I am sleeping, as tight elastics can break your hair when you are laying on your back (and doing whatever crazy things we do in your sleep!)

Shop my routine below: