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This past weekend we went to New Hampshire to visit my family and it was so good to be back and I didn’t wear any makeup or do my hair all weekend! Sometimes it just feels so good to not get ready or anything! But I am the laziest unpacker… The few days after we get home the apartment is a total mess! And I do this every time! I have to learn to be a light packer because I inevitably never even wear half of the things that I pack.. I just need options!!

Now that I am seeing more fall-like clothes everywhere I can’t help but be inspired (even it if means I start wearing knits and sweating my butt off..) My summer was spent obsessing over everything white. White dresses, white tops, white nails, white bathing suits, white crochet, white white white. And it was like an addiction. Every time I looked at a website I was like ohh I love this! (as my cart filled up with white crochet dresses…) So I admitted it and am trying to move past it. Kinda…. I am LOVING neutrals for fall. I think that whites and tans and blush tones are all so good together. So let’s see if it actually catches on and I can slowly wean myself off of the all white! Fingers crossed…

XO, k

Rope half up and five strand braid tutorial

rope braid and five strand braid tutorial
I literally saved this tutorial the kitchen sink on my computer because it is everything but the kitchen sink.. I sat down to film the tutorial and I was like hmmm I did a (really bad) rope braid tutorial a long time ago and I haven’t even tried to do it since so maybe I will do that! I decided to do it as a half up style, and then as I started braiding I just wanted to do more and more! I then did a three strand dutch braid starting on the side with the least amount of hair (which since I didn’t plan for I had an extensions sticking out and couldn’t tell.. don’t worry I fixed it after!) and then that turned it into a five strand braid… It turned out pretty cute though!

That is also like the first time that I have filmed a tutorial seamlessly (isn’t that always the case when you aren’t planning things….) The only thing I have to say is don’t wear a long sleeve shirt in 85 degree weather while doing this braid. You will sweat….. When I get overheated my chest/neck instantly turns blotchy and I actually am usually pretty self conscious of it.. Because when I get nervous in social settings I get flushed and it turns red! But I guess now that I’ve admitted it to you guys I can get over it! :)

I realized that I do a lot of half up and side braid styles so let me know if there is anything else that you want to see! I love getting inspiration from you guys :)

XO, k

Bunny ears beach day

Cobalt and white Cobalt and white Cobalt and white Turquoise accents Mix and match swimmer Flash tattoos mermaid style

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Summer’s not over yet!! I will go to the beach even when their is snow on the ground so I’m not one to talk, but it is still HOT and I am going to hold on to summer for as long as I can! When we went last weekend I decided to take you along and do a cute little video as well! As you can see, Connecticut beaches are rocky (let me tell you how much it hurts your feet to walk on it….) and not very glamorous, but they still bring out all my mermaid senses..

When we came back I was looking at the pictures and Charlie said “wow your headband really looks like bunny ears”….. well thanks for telling me sooner Char!

PS guys, I guess I took the phrase dance like no one is watching to heart because the second Charlie turned around to get a skipping rock I started dancing for the camera…. I’ve got so much rhythm too….

XO, k

Cascading Lace Dutch Braid and Loose Waves Tutorial


Tuesday is here! And it feels like it should still be the weekend…

Here is a tutorial for this lace dutch braid that starts on one side and cascades down! I don’t know the technical name for it (like usual) so if there is one, let me know! I also used my new NuMe lustrum with the second largest barrel. I have had a couple curling irons before but never a real wand without the clip and I am soooo happy with it because now the clip part doesn’t make a kink in my hair! Hooray!

Hope you guys liked it and I will see you next week with another tutorial!
XO, k