Dutch braid and fishtail twist tutorial


Do the twist guys! This one is of course a mixed braid because I am apparently obsessed.. I love dutch braids like this for summer because they keep your hair off of your face (doesn’t that sound like such a mom thing to say?).. It was rainy this whole weekend though which was kinda nice because we just spent it relaxing! The weekend before we were on the go because…. I totally don’t want to admit this because it sounds kinda grungy… but we had clothing moths….. And they are seriously torture. It is like impossible to get rid of them! And I have no idea how we even got them! They have been eating all of our thin cotton which is so annoying.. But I cleaned everything in our closet and I have been using lots of lavender and cedar in hopes that they are gone for good. Shoo moths, don’t bother me! :(

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! And definitely let me know if there are any hairstyles you want me to try to do tutorials for!

XO, k

dutch and fishtail twisted braid tutorial

Seeing Stars

Star dress Star dressStar dressStar dress Star dress Star dress Star dress Star dress Star dress Star dress

DRESS | SUNNIES (sold out :( but similar HERE) | HAT | TATTOOS

I think I need some new hats.. The problem is I am nervous to buy them online because I have come to learn that I have a weird sized head…. It is oddly tall? Does that even make sense?! Like when I get a medium/large hat it doesn’t sit as far down as I think it should! Must be because of all the brains I got going on up there ;) 

But the real star of the show is this dress (see what I did there?! Am I the only one that thinks I’m funny? Is that a resounding yes?…) I wore it earlier this week when we went on a walk to the beach and now looking back at it I am wondering what I was thinking because having those tan lines on my back would not have been cute! I definitely have a thing with pieces that have fun strappy backs and I was so excited when I saw this one on Lookbook Store because it seriously is the perfect summer dress! And now that I just realized July 4th is next week (omg how is it already almost July?) I am most definitely going to be wearing this! Well that was coincidentally perfect timing! Go me!!

XO, k

Mixed Three Strand and Fishtail Braid Tutorial


Tutorial Tuesdays have turned into YouTube Tuesdays! This one is super quick and super easy, I just mixed a three strand and a fishtail for a combination braid that you can do in under two minutes! Because sometimes who has time for more intricate braids?! Not me :)

Hope you guys enjoyed and make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel if you aren’t already! And if you recreate any of my looks make sure to use #kokayhair on instagram so that I can see! It makes my whole week seeing you try my tutorials!!

XO, k

Mixed three strand and fishtail tutorial Mixed three strand and fishtail tutorial

Guess who’s back?

Culottes and crochet

Daniel Wellington watch Summer look Daniel Wellington Watch Daniel Wellington watch Culottes and crochet Culottes and crochet Culottes and crochet Culottes and crochet Shorkie and shoes


Guess who’s back, back again? Nelly’s back, tell a friend (and that’s why I am telling you, my bffs!) YAY! My little munchkin is staying with us again while Charlie’s parents are on a trip to Norway and Iceland (which I am so jealous of) but I am just happy to have Nelly back! I’ve wanted a puppy for literally years and half of the time I am on the internet I get distracted by looking at puppies because that’s totally normal… But I like to think that we have partial custody of Nelly so that will do for now :) Do you guys wear a watch? I have loved the look of Daniel Wellington watches ever since I saw how simple and chic they were on where else but pinterest, and I think this could be one that I actually wear. It looks so cute by itself here but I also really want to try it with gold bracelets, or is that just an excuse for me to go shopping ;) And I’m sure you guys are sick of seeing this crochet top on instagram, but I just always end up wearing it?! Oh well! And in other news, I gotta dye my hair asap because look at those roots… I am avoiding it because I am nervous of damaging my hair too much. Does anyone have any good tips? I am certainly not a hairdresser sooo let me know! It is always a learning experience for me :) XO, k

My favorite dirty hair styles


This one is for those days when you know you really need to shampoo your hair but you gotta stick it out a couple more days.. I only wash my hair every 4 or 5 days to keep it healthier and prolong my color, so on that fifth day my hair is looking prettttty greasy. These are some of my favorites when my hair is looking dirty! I also use dry shampoo religiously but forgot to put that in the video!

Hope you enjoy!

XO, k

my favorite dirty hair styles