How to pull apart your braids

Tutorial on how to pull apart your normal three strand braid Three strand pull apart braid tutorial How to pull apart your braid to make it look thicker!



I love braids of all shapes but when it comes to size, I always end up thinking the bigger the better!… So I pull apart all of my braids, whether they are fishtails or dutch braids, tiny or big. And when I am in a rush or just not into doing anything detailed with my hair (which is often..), I always just do the signature three strand regular braid and pull it apart so my hair looks thick and full! Above are three of my recent insta photos where I wore the look. It is such an fun trick but really hard to describe, so I put together a little thirty second video showing you how I do it!

Watch it below and let me know what you think. I love hearing from you guys!

XO, k!

Palm Print

Lanvin Palm Print Knit Dress Lanvin Palm Print Knit Dress Lanvin Palm Print Knit Dress Lanvin Palm Print Knit Dress Lanvin Palm Print Knit Dress


Palm print is my new jam. When I was in Florida I was totally inspired by having them all around! And I have been totally obsessing over Danielle of We Wore What‘s palm print wallpaper by Designer Wallcoverings. How much does it totally transform a space?!

As you already know I am a serious Pinterest addict. It is one of my favorite de-stressers. I could browse for hours and never get bored.. actually that is exactly what I do. Oops! Anyway, I usually pin fashion or home inspiration, but recently I have been finding myself pinning pretty much bathing suit after bathing suit.. I am dying for summer here! And I think that Pinterest is taking advantage of my weakness because all of my suggested pins are of bathing suits. Stop enabling me Pinterest!! If you are feeling a little less than hopeful about summer ever coming, check out my swimwear board here and think happy thoughts! We can get through this together :)

XO, k


Blake Lively Braid Tutorial

How to: DIY Blake Lively Braid Tutorial


Blake Lively is my spirit animal (or spirit celebrity? can you call people your spirit animal?…). Ever since I saw the first episode of Gossip Girl and then every single one after that, I decided that I loved her style. Her wavy blonde locks + her effortless but somehow always chic style. I love it! And even now, I mean the whole married to Ryan Reynolds and starting a lifestyle website that is so perfect. Okay so you guys get the picture. I like her. So when I look for hairstyles to try out, I always look at her old looks. She wore this braid a while ago and I loved it ever since. Amber at Barefoot Blonde (who is also another enviable blonde!) did her version which I love and wore here, but I decided to do my take on it! It really is just three braids that are all pinned together, so as complicated as it might look I promise you can do it! Just give it a try :)

1. Part your hair on the side and spray with dry shampoo. I love doing braids on second or third day hair so a little bit of dry shampoo always makes it have more body at my roots.

2. Section off the upper 2/3 or your hair and pin it into a bun (so cute yeah?). With the lower 1/3 do a normal braid and pull it apart like crazy. You are gonna want this to even have pieces pulled out so it looks messy. Secure this with an elastic.

3. Take down the upper part of your hair and section into two. Pin the front section back up.

4. With the back section, braid your hair into a fishtail braid. The smaller the pieces the more intricate it will look. Secure this with an elastic too.

5. Pull this one apart so that it looks thicker.

6. With your front piece of hair, braid it into a normal three strand braid.

7. And pull this one apart too. Notice a theme.. I am addicted to pulling apart my braids!

8. Grab a handful of bobby pins.

9. Use the bobby pin and attach the two top braids together. The easiest way to do this is to go from the back of the braid and use the pin to grab a little piece of each braid. Push the pin down vertically so it is mostly hidden in the front!

10. Do the same thing but this time attaching the top braids to the bottom. Continue attaching them all the way down to the bottom.

11. When you get to the end. Take out one elastic and secure all the braids with one elastic.

12. Pull out pieces around your face so that it has a natural undone look and push up your hair so that there is a bit more volume!

I hope you love this fun braid as much as I do!

XO, k


You scream, I scream

Sweet ice cream sweater Sweet ice cream sweater Ice cream sweater Sweet ice cream sweater Sweet ice cream sweater Sweet ice cream sweater Sweet ice cream sweater


Ice cream is probably one of my main food groups. Actually it’s anything that is extra sugary: cotton candy, donuts, cupcakes, ice cream. I love it all! I mean, it’s gotta add to the mouth full of fillings I have but in reality I think it was worth it. Sugar makes my heart happy :)

When I saw this adorable sweater I had to get it as an ode to my favorite food group. When we were in Florida a few weeks ago we stopped at Ben and Jerry’s and it was luckily nice enough outside to actually eat ice cream. I cannot even fathom eating anything cold right now in this Northeast weather…

I hope this post adds a little sweetness to your day :)

XO, k