Mixing warm and cool tones Mixing warm and cool tones Mixing warm and cool tones Mixing warm and cool tones


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I have so much to be thankful for this year and I love that this is a time to remind me of that :)

I always try to dress a little festively for the holidays, but decided that this year I should put a little spin on it. I love the idea of mixing pastels with more saturated reds and oranges. It looks so cool with a pastel jacket but you could also wear a pastel top with a red skirt or whatever. It is unexpected but really fun! Hope this little bit of last minute outfit inspiration helps you for feeling festive today!

Love you all!

XO, k

Beauty Hacks: Longer looking eyelashes with baby powder

True or False: you can make your eye lashes appear much longer with baby powder?

Who wouldn’t want longer and thicker eyelashes? I can’t think of a single person. My boyfriend has some seriously enviable eyelashes and he always gets comments on them and here I am trying every which way to make mine appear even half as long! Thank god for my good friend, mascara. It helps your eyes look bigger and brighter and more awake. But what if you could make them look even longer… There are always falsies or eyelash extensions (which I would love to try someday but my sister had a bad experience with it so I mayyy be traumatized), but sometimes I just don’t feel like going through the whole process of putting them on and irritating my eyes.

If this sounds familiar, you would have thought that this the beauty hack for you. Using baby powder to make your lashes look longer. I use eyelash primer/extender before my regular mascara before, but was hoping that this would be that but on the next level.

Here’s what you do: Curl your lashes and put on one to two coats of your favorite mascara. While it is still a bit wet, take a Q-tip and lightly rub the baby powder on your upper and lower lashes. Reapply your mascara and see how it worked..

My diagnosis: it did not make big enough of a difference that I would do it again.. Do you want to know the truth, my right eye (left in the photo) was the only one I did it too. I just did two coats of my mascara on my left eye and they look practically the same. I would say buy some of the white base coat to go under your mascara AND get JORDANA BEST LASH EXTREME! This mascara is three dollars and is the best I have ever had. It stays tacky for longer so you can build it more easily and it is like verrrry black.

XO, k

Sweater Dress Weather

Patterned sweater dress and jean jacket Patterned sweater dress and jean jacket Patterned sweater dress and a dutch braid crown Patterned sweater dress and jean jacket Patterned sweater dress and jean jacket Dutch braid crown


I was never a big fan of sweater dresses. I don’t know if it was because I didn’t think that they looked good on me or what, but I saw this one and absolutely fell in love with the pattern and the rusty orange and blue colors. And now that I own this one I think I am officially converted. I want one in every color and size! They are cozy and warm but so cute! I can’t wait to wear this one with tights and boots!

Hope you all have a fun weekend before Thanksgiving! Charlie and I are headed to Montreal this weekend and then on to Buffalo for the week. I can’t wait. I have never been to Montreal and am super excited to check it out. Let me know if there is anything that we should check out while we are there!

Love you guys!

XO, k

Beauty Hacks: Spraying Pam To Quickly Dry Your Nails

Beauty Hacks: True or false that you can spray pam on your nails to quickly dry them


Happy Tutorial Tuesday everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I have a funny little story / cautionary tale for you guys! I was going to wash my hair on Friday and the ends of my hair were feeling really dry so I decided to look up a diy deep conditioner. I remembered hearing about using mayonnaise and olive oil so I decided to look it up. I did everything it said, including using saran wrap on my head and hearing the towel so it would penetrate more, and then rinsed. When I took the towel off… my hair was soon tangled. Literally like one big dread long from root to tip. It was HORRIBLE! It took me at least a half hour to detangle it, and then once it dried my hair was a grease ball.. I had to wash it again because it was so bad. So if anyone is going to try that, don’t do it.. It is not worth it!!

And here goes the second segment of my beauty hacks series! If you didn’t see my first post, check it out here. The next trick that I tried is another nail hack.

I have painted my nails a ton of times just to smudged them because they take FOREVER to dry. I have seen all over Pinterest that you can spray PAM cooking spray on your nails to instantly dry them. I never tried it because I thought that it was a little weird to spray butter spray on your nails, but figured if it was being talked about so much I should try for your guys’ sake! And I was happy that I did!

To do this hack, simply take your PAM or other cooking spray and spray your wet nails about 10 inches away. Let the spray sit for about a minute or two and then wash with water and wipe. When I waited the actual time my nails were completely dry much to my surprise!


Graphic geek sweater with red midi skirt Graphic geek sweater with red midi skirt Graphic geek sweater with red midi skirt Graphic geek sweater with red midi skirt Graphic geek sweater with red midi skirt Graphic geek sweater with red midi skirt



I gotta admit that I am a little geeky, but it is super important to be comfortable in your own skin and feel able to be true to yourself! I love this sweater, it is so slouchy and easy to wear with absolutely everything. It is getting so chilly here that I have to start thinking of winter clothes, even though I don’t want to! I made this midi skirt and still absolutely love it. It is so flowy and perfect for the holidays. It is definitely going to be on repeat!

XO, k